Comet Holmes -what does it foretell?

Presently visible to the naked eye in the northeastern sky, between the North Star (Polaris) and the constellation Perseus is the Comet Holmes. If you wish to look for it, it is presently heading away from the earth; since we are in the line of sight, no tail can be seen, and therefore this comet resembles a star, where none has ever been seen previously. It rises shortly after 730 EDT, (soon that will be 630 EST, and is visible all night long as the earth rotates under it, so the comet appears to move south-west). This comet is a rarity in that it is a definite yellowish colour with traces of green and has a history of exploding, which produces dramatic changes in its visibility. While visible to the naked eye, it is spectacular in small binoculars or telescopes.

Throughout history comets have been believed to be foretellers of great events (Battle of Hastings, death of Julius Caesar, etc.)
Could this one, with its yellow and green, be really reminding us something re the past (Corey from Sask to Hammer and back-that could be the yellow and green, both fairly rare colours in comets), or foretelling that Corey Holmes will have a great playoff and GC ???