Comedy of Errors

Sorry if these are out of order

  1. Procedure on 3rd and 1 from the goal line

  2. Two roughing the passing penalties cost us points.

  3. 3rd and inches they stop Mass. When the Offense is struggling (when isn't it) run it on 2nd down

  4. Drop by Vaughn and Yeast on 2nd downs in the 2nd half.

  5. No pass rush (sorry we it Tony C late twice,see point number 2)

  6. No running game at all (glad we go the ball of hate)

  7. Only 3 points in 2nd half (great half time adjustments(

  8. Als conceded two points on a punt from their endzone, TOO MANY MEN ON THE FIELD GIVES THEM A FIRST DOWN.

  9. Blocked punt for a touchdown.

  10. I guess we lost the Mass for Davis trade.

Where do I stop. The Als tried their best to give us the game but the mistakes are ridiculous. COACHING PROBLEMS.

One positive the defense did well. What happend to Brooks.

That was a comedy? :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Is that a dagger I see before me?

We keep yellin' and the Cats keep gellin'

Did our defense really play well? Look at all the dumb penalties they took. Doesn't that count? No contain on AC for the winning touchdown. No pass rush. Unable to stop the run when like GS said, everyone knew it was coming. It think the defence did better, but I'm not ready to give them too much credit.

You forgot Boreham missed another critical FG, mind you every kick Boreham kicks is critical in judgement, but Marshall has faith in his kicker, don't worry Jamie next time you will go 0-3 in the game but we love you, so you will stay and the fans will go.

Dave, tried my hardest to find one bright spot.

Where was Auggie with 50 seconds left and they ran it twice up the gut for the crucial first down

Well Russ, the other teams in the league must be getting some good laughs when they see the sloppiness of the Ticats play.

Anyway, the first post here was a good assessment of everything that went wrong. And too much of it had to do with penalties. Taking an illegal procedure penalty when one yard from the endzone? Likely cost us four points. Too many men on the field when they would have conceded a safety. Another two points. And we lost by six. And then there was the penalty on Cheatwood that kept the Montreal drive going.

And these penalites are leading to some of the most lively fifth quarter discussions I have heard in a while.

dont forget getting picked off on a punt fake.

Donnelly gets roughed up in front of an official no call, next series cheetwood does it and they call roughing. The officials are brutal.
Also, i;m tired of listening to the cfl broadcast always biased against Hamilton. All they talk about is what mistakes we make and how great the other teams are

Where was Augie? Where he usually is, 5-7 yards down field hanging on for dear life. I miss Tiggle. Have we had a real run stopper since?

Har de har har-Comedy Yes!Funny-NO!

Is the game over yet man.

I thought the defense did play well. They made some big plays. And they continue to improve. One offensive touchdown in any football game, let alone a cfl game, won't get it done. And one offensive touchdown, given the field position in the first half, is beyond disappointing.


Forgot that one . Why roll out the punter to his wrong side. Throws right rolls left. If your going to do it have roll to his strong side.

There’s no doubt this team seems to find new ways to lose every week. The only consistent patterns relate to the kicking game, both FG’s and punts, foolish penalties, and the inability to throw long successfully. Throw in the inconsistency of the receiving corps, and you’ve got a prescription for a long season.
We need new kickers.
The long passing game failure means we can’t get separation on routes. That’s either poor pattern running or predictable plays.
Penalties and inconsistent receiving ? Beats me !
Mass hasn’t yet found a consistent “go to” guy. Hamilton’s Calhoon. With what we’ve got on this team, somebody has to step up.

We have one, but they are not playing him. You might have heard of him.

Mike Morreale.

Always makes the catch. Takes the big hit. Savvy veteran who can find the open area. You don't have to have blazing speed (Mike is no slouch there)to be a go-to reciever. Some fine examples are:

Rocky DiPietro
Ray Elgaard
Darren Flutie (not exceptionally fast, but elusively quick).