Comedians You Like

Has anyone ever listened to Bill Burr ?

I had never heard him before but when I did, I was in awe of how funny he is.

Full Disclosure : His humour is very much Alpha Male comedy and not for all tastes.

Anyone have any comedians who you think knock it out of the park?

  • John Pinette was beyond funny - died at 50.

  • Mitch Hedberg was great until he died - at 37.

  • Norm McDonald always makes me laugh hard - altho he swears too much.

  • Chris Rock is terrific.

  • Jerry Seinfeld is great.

Discovered Bill Burr years ago . Very funny ,

Norm McDonald and his dry stuff is great . I think I posted some of his awhile back .

My favourite is the G rated Jim Gaffigan he makes anything funny . He is a simple comedian genius . If you can make going to McDonalds funny you got me .

Chris Rock 15 years ago yes . Lost that edge now .

Jerry Seinfeld good but really liked the show better maybe because of Larry David .

His comedy is so raw and honest. I love his stuff.

Re : "I think I posted some of his awhile back."

Is there already a comedian thread? If so, my bad for starting a new one.

billy crystal

robin Williams

Richard pryor

George carlin

don rickles

rita rudner

If Norm swears too much then Chris Rock must be a saint.

Monty Python (the argument clinic)

Victor Borge (phonetic punctuation)

Rodney Dangerfield

Abbott and Costello (who's on first)

is this to include all comedians or just stand up or just sitcom and movie comedians??

I only listed favorite stand up

Actually, I find Norm worse than Rock. Not sure why. Maybe I expect more / better from a Canadian.

Saw Bill Burr a couple years ago when my neighbour convinced us to tag along and see him. Very funny dude. Then discovered Jim Jeffries soon afterwards. Great finds both of them.

Derek Edwards, hands down.

Grew up on Dave Broadfoot and Rich Little (Canadian vomics) but they weren't intellectual comics, mostly just rude laughs and semi-stupid stuff.

fwiw - here's my list of funniest peeps to listen to

Brother Theodore
Lenny Bruce
BS Pully
George Carlin
Gabe Kaplan
Robin Williams
Jonathan Winters
Woody Allen
John Wing
Wayne & Shuster
Martin Mull
Bill Hicks
Aziz Ansari
Smothers Brothers
Lily Tomlin
Sarah Silverman
Gary Muledeer
Red Buttons
Red Skelton
Donald Trump, Insult Comic
Pearl Bailey
Shelley Berman
Lawanda Page
Joy Behar

Bill Burr

Norm MacDonald

Patton Oswalt

Bill Maher

David Cross

Harland Williams

Some NSFW stuff in this clip.

Good call - except for Maher and his Catholic HATE.

Johnny understands how that can be offensive. But to be fair, Maher hates all religions.

True but he's fixated on Catholicism. If he'd let that go, I'd like him, too.

Do like I do. Don't watch him. In fact, if you guy' s had never talked about him years ago, I would not know who he is.
How did he get to be an expert on EVERYTHING anyway ? What has he ever done ?.. Another nothing with a big mouth. It's people exactly like him that keep my TV turned off.

Thats the problem with Maher he talks like he is a right winger libertarian then turns around and wants to be seen as left wing so they keep him on HBO .

He tries to play both sides as not politically correct but then goes all politically correct to appease some of his audience .

Clever at times then falls into his own trap he set up .

Liked that every once in awhile he actually has one guy from the other side getting hit from three or four sides and a audience that gets loud for some point that was screamed or shouted at the poor guy or girl brave enough to take the counter point .

Nobody likes a one sided unfair debate no matter what side your on it hurts any validation you were trying to effect .