Comedian makes some good points


Yes good stuff


Just saw that! Good stuff for sure. Insightful.


As a parent, I can totally relate. I used to be woke myself until I had to start paying the bills..

I remember wise words from Dan38 I believe.. that used to be his message. I wonder what happened to that kind soul?


It speaks volumes that the speaker had to pretend he was woke in order to get his point across. That might be the only way to undo the brainwashing that has gone on, fight it from the inside. Never thought of that method but it seems devious. Does the end justify the means ? In this case I think "YES!"


Nice bike.

careful :slight_smile:

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Technology has a way to go before imposing any restrictions or putting all the costs on any consumer as the poor are first effected by any such policy .

Even to get a Tesla right now at the level of a gas Corolla in the Carbon game it will take around 75 k miles and even that does not take into account where the e energy today gets that energy from dirty energy sources like coal .

Technology and infrastructure will need to step up before any goals can be realistic .

I like electric vehicles but don't own one .... but to make them cost efficient they need to do lot's of work .

Telsa does have it's own e infrastructure but even that is low in numbers once volume takes off . Right now I don't see the cost savings on them considering the cost to buy them .

The regular Joe consumer must be taken care of to make it a reasonable investment instead of a hybrid or gas vehicle and that should not be by consumer punishment at the gas pumps today .

Just buy a hybrid Corolla. Maybe $3k more and 50-75% better fuel economy.

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and they now come with AWD ... for those that need it .

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