come vist me at

very cool kanga......

....Kanga...nice work...but how come you ain't got no Bomber jersey on in the pic....but heh....the site looks good... :slight_smile:

I might be kicked off so guys, but before I go, I wanted to show you how to keep in topic with me.

keep up the good fight! I love you all! (you know what I mean)

farewell! and GO BOMBERS!!!

I'm going sart one of those sites also..mine will be better, it will have more porn..
Something like..Babes gone Mardi
All n all..... not a bad job Kanga..

thanks HTT, but I'm working on the porn, haven't gotten to that part yet :wink:.

please KK keep your clothes on.

not me! god, who wants to look at that!!! except my GF. :wink:

.......why do you think you are going to be kicked off

most of the people on here don't like me and aren't willibg to give me a secord chace. flaw in your comment, Kanga.....we've given you a second chance......and a third, and a fourth, and probably even a fifth.....whether or not people like a poster is irrelevant to their removal from the forum.....