COME ON! Wake up!

Horrible first half of the Grey Cup by the Als!
They seem to be happy being in the big game, but not hungry enough to win it!
A bad penalty by Johnson gifts The Bummers a TD.
A fumble by Letcher gifts the Bummers a TD.
The Als cannot punch it in twice from the 1 yard line.
It’s time for the Als to stop playing like pussies!!!
It is probably already too late. Guess the Bummers just want it more!

I got that same feeling. Not counting them out yet, but they gotta want it. CF playing decent.

One positive. Maas has called some roll out plays late in the 2nd quarter.
Too bad he then went with 2 up the guy from the 1 .

Zema with a second illegal kick!!!

Come on, wake up.

They did. Did they ever.