Come on Toronto support your argro`s. the CFL

I DON`T WATCH NFL but they support their leaque and game fully no matter how bad their team is doing.

Canadians do not support their own product of Football which is ours.

Americans I talk to think were ignorant and they watch our game all the time and like it better.

The NFL is way overrrated! We think its better because its American and it`s the NFL, their hype and their huge crowds , fillled stadiums. They support, why can we. Why can we fill our stadiums, what is wrong with Canadians. We could learn something from the Americans.

I did happen to glance at the game last nite, the fan
support and the hype makes their game and product.

I was not impressed with the talent, Brady once did a move untouched, slow and the defensive line of the rams slow. Easy game,little tiny short throws in the end zones for touchdowns.

Brady would get hurt in our game and he could not play the CFL QB position well, he would struggle big time. THe position in our leaque is that much tougher and harder to play and play well and survive. He would struggle with the big field. He may be good in the NFL but he would not cut it as a CFL QB. I played alot of sports and I have talked to CFL players that have played in both leeque and they have said the exact thing.

           Come on Canada and Canadians support our game our leaque and our CFL, fill the stadiums and be proud of our game and what is ours.

               Commissioner Cohon you have to start doing something to fill the stadiums and increase fan support yourself, it`s your job as well.


Ohh God, the Grammer.

Theres a bit of a different between the Canadian and American populous,
with 32 teams - and a Population of ~ 300 million, that (just by numbers alone)mean each of the 32 teams ** Could * have a market of about 10 million people, CFL can not match these numbers.

Of the 6 million ish people in the GTA - About 1.5 - 2 million, don't even know the CFL exists, Harshly high i know. Others are to ignorant of the CFL, and don't goto a game just because it's Not the NFL, Media does alot with this. Even Canadian television has more commercials for NFL then CFL.

But anyways See you at GreyCup :slight_smile:

I noticed that the stadium in Miami for NFL game on Sunday was about 3/4 empty in the middle of the second quarter? Did they have a bomb scare or did the fans just not bother to show up?? What was that, about 50,000 no shows???

The other NFL game I flipped through had their field half covered in dirt and baselines. That was truly a joke to have such an impaired playing surface for such a supposed "big" league game. This would never happen in the CFL... :roll:

You're preaching to the wrong crowd man. The people here are mostly hard-core fans who attend games.

Tailgating on Saturday??

There are a few fans who tailgate (and not Streetfest). is where they're at.

More fun and Cheaper then the streetfest :slight_smile:

Here's what I'd like Goodell to say to Godfrey and his buds:

Yup, you can have an NFL team for Toronto but here's the deal fellas, $1 billion for the franchise and an additional $100 million to go directly to the Argos/CFL for infringing on their territory and also 10 percent of your TV money you get from the NFL deal goes to the Argos/CFL.

Man would I love to see Godfrey's face when Goodell tells him this!