...I hope by 'out west' you mean an hour's drive or so from the skydome because everyone up to me commenting on this thread lives in Ontario...if not then your railing at stereotyping is pretty hypocritical given how you've painted all westerners with the same brush...

Well, ‘out west’ meaning those who like to trash Toronto as an “American” city, whether it’s people an hour and a half from the Rogers Centre, or whether they’re further West. No denying that this is a typical stereotype, specifically out West, hypocritical or not.

Here's one thing I can't do in Hamilton, maybe not Edmonton or Calgary, perhaps Vancouver and Montreal:

I go to a concert this past week at the Phoenix and see a great British group IMHO The Editors (love these guys Tom Smith is great) and a New York group The Antlers open for them. No way in Hamilton do you see these two groups, they both compliment each other one British and indieish and the other an excellent up and coming band that speak of real life experiences like hospices and that, super and are very real. Go see either group, Editors if you want to move and groove a bit in a very British way and Antlers if you really want to me moved by the inside with no moving involved. And anyone at this concert wouldn't know a football from a ballett slipper and yet I felt totally at home there at the Phoenix albeit no way would I wear a CFL sweater. :wink: Although maybe I should feel at home as such. I also felt at home being probably the oldest guy in there at over 50 with people from 17 to my age. Totally great. Like the CFL.

And yet I can go to an Argos game in Toronto and feel totally Canadian.

I mean this is why the Argos rock and Toronto and as well our other big cities that have the population to support these off centre music interests I have as well as on centre stuff like the CFL. And just old plain regular music I have as well that will show up in Hamilton albeit the small clubs in Hamilton have great new bands that are different that few people know of, like lots of Canadian cities. :thup: :thup: :thup:

Canada rocks because we have so much diversity. :thup: :thup: :thup:

That's exactly what I'm talking about, I couldn't agree more. Diversity is what makes Canada great and Toronto is so diverse, you can do anything there.

There are CFL fans here, sometimes they might not as visible behind everything else going on, but they're here. We just need good ownership to help re-kindle the fan base, and I think Braley will help.

I'm a younger Argos fan, so my experience only goes so far back, but I've heard stories about how the fan base was rockin' while the team was playing at Exhibition Stadium, and when the team first moved into the Dome.

And this is why no one who calls themselves Canadian should stereotype any Canadian city as THIS or THAT, no way, there is diversity everywhere in Canada and in diversity there is commonality as well, blending and we are all one. I guess that's what some Eastern religions emphasize, the oneness of us all. Canada epitimizes this so well IMHO as long as we don't get stuck on "this is the only way to be Canadian".

These are good arguments. I'll try to remember them the next time I buy tix to a Jays game and the scalper is mad because I'm not paying him in US dollars.

And Artie rememer that scalper in no way represents all of Toronto, nor all of Canada. You have to remember a lot of people going to Jays games are Yankee Doodle Dandies, from the States when the Tigers, Indians, Red Sox, Yankees etc. are playiing. He just wants to get the most cash he can. I'd be doing the same thing if I was in this guys position to put bread on the table.

comming in late here, sorry... us westerners and our darn Jobs... You know how it is, gotta pay the man so we can send tansfer payments out east... anyways, besides that, I dont see the east as americans, but as people that for some reason find themselves to be a "better breed of Canadian" the those from sask/alta/manitoba. I find the same With a vast majority that i ihave met from Vancouver. not BC nessisarily, but Hongcouver for sure. Perhaps since they feel they have more "diversity" then us, they feel as though they are mor eimportant then us simple people from out west. For the most part, i prefer americans to many people who come here from the east. Again, not making a generalization, but an observation of people who come through the southern area.

Now to say we are not a diverse society... is undeducated. come to any city in Alberta and you will see, its a very diverse place. even in the small city i work out of(im sure to the east its not a city), called Brooks, we have a whole lot of cultures from around the world, as well as people from every corner of Canada. just some thoughts im sure will get me in trouble. :wink:

I’m sure any town in western Canada that is 25,000 or more, maybe even 15,000 or more, you will find often Chinese, Japanese, Indian and middle Eastern restuarants. I would think from the few visits I’m done that way. Not that many and not in every town but I bet in more than you might think of. True westerners?

every town over 500 had a chinese joint... yet its always called something like "Dons cafe" or Petes food house" always a western name, ran by chinese folk, and great food...

Sort of off-topic... there's a pizza joint around the corner from where I live named Maria's Pizza. I assumed because of the name that it was an Italian joint. One night my buddy and I decided to go in there for a slice. Turns out it's run by an Asian family. :lol: Incredibly nice people! Good pizza.

i know that place....adelaide and

asians run my fav pizza place in london ( marvelous pizza )

imagine going to a chinese restaurant to have non-asian people running the

Yup. In the little plaza behind Wendy's. :smiley:

next time im in london i'll check it out

I have to go to London at least once a year for the best deep fried panzarotti in the world at Tony's on Springbank out by Wonderland. Sure, heart attack on a plate but the cheese they put in it is unreal. Haven't found a place in Hamilton that can match deep fried panzarotti like this. It's all baked which is ok but just not the same as deep fried.

ill have to check it out, Earl...thats close to my end of town.
i'll let them know 'EARL' sent me..haha

I don't think you'll be disappointed dg. If you order the large one and am able to eat it all right there, you will have my utter and highest respect. I've not been able to eat a whole large at one time in quite a long while and then only once.

typical Toronto "report" on the Argonauts_.
"Armless Argonauts
Barker hasn’t just cleaned house, he blew it up

By BILL LANKHOF, QMI Agency.The Toronto Argonauts don’t have a starting quarterback.

Of course, some skeptics said that last season while watching Kerry Joseph disappear under another pile of tacklers.

Skeptics can be cruel. Correct, but cruel.

Still, this is different.

They don’t have a backup, releasing Cody Pickett, too.

Then, yesterday they got rid of clipboard holder, and third string quarterback Stephen Reaves. Zeke Moreno, their all-star linebacker, went from captain and go-to guy to just gone. Released.

Also departed are Andre Talbot and fan favourite Dominique Dorsey. In most Canadian Football League cities this might be slightly alarming. But, in the upside-down world that is Argoland, this is called progress.

And, considering how lousy the offence was last year, maybe not having any quarterback is an upgrade.

Incoming Argos’ coach Jim Barker hasn’t just cleaned house, he blew it up; then bulldozed and buried the bodies of those who contributed (and we use the term loosely) to a 3-15 season. “We needed to go in a different direction,? Barker said.

The end zone would be nice.

Last year the Argos had a league-low 328 points.

The only place this group could end up looking like a first place team is in a Chinese newspaper. But nine out of 10 people who wouldn’t know rouge from lipstick could tell it was time for a change.

How to affect those changes is another thing.

Question is, are the Argos, in trying to escape the alligators nipping at their shorts, just stepping into the lions’ lair.

Wanting to go in a different direction is fine but more importantly it should also be in a better direction.

Out with the perceived bad is simple.

In with the good, that’s a bit more complicated.

Barker has been very clear on what he doesn’t like; not so expansive on who he does like.

“(Joseph) was just not the right fit for us,? Barker said.

So, what’s the plan? So far, he’s not saying.

It’s not just as simple as changing quarterbacks. It wasn’t Joseph’s fault that his receivers often looked like they wouldn’t recognize a pass unless it came at them in a bar at last call.

So, having no quarterback does have an upside. With nobody to throw the ball Argos’ fans won’t see as many dropped passes, thus reducing their frustration quotient.

I guess.

Look, I’m trying to be an optimist here, OK.

While Joseph’s statistics weren’t impressive, Moreno’s were. The 31-year-old former San Diego Charger had 95 tackles. It’s difficult to understand how dumping a guy who is second in the CFL in tackles makes this a better team.

But, Barker says his brave new Argo world will all be revealed in the next month.

They have added Jeremaine Copeland, so at least they’ve got someone who’ll go after a pass without looking like he’s trying not to step in doggy-do.

But, he’s also just a couple of birthday candles this side of Methuselah.

And, there don’t appear to be a lot of great options to go to at quarterback. They could get cozy with the B.C. Lions, who own five quarterbacks.

But this presents another dilemma since both the Argos and Lions are now owned by David Braley.

So, how would the optics appear if Buck Pierce or Jarious Jackson suddenly got released and showed up in Double Blue?

There isn’t anyone who would suggest the Lions were packaging a gift horse to their, ahem, ahhh ... eastern farm team. Honest.

But, if someone did think that, suddenly the Argos’ problem becomes the league’s dilemma and the CFL once again comes away looking like a nickle-and-dime operation.

Even if it is, there’s no sense going out and proving it.

The Argos have expressed an interest in Gibran Hamdan, currently the property of the Buffalo Bills.

Toronto, of course, has not-so-secretly coveted the NFL franchise for years.

Guess maybe Toronto can get them — even if we have to sneak them into town one player at a time disguised as Argonauts."

I actually was enjoying the read until the part about eastern farm team. then I stopped.

I couldn't even make it halfway through... Chinese newspaper, rouge from lipstick, alligators nipping, lions' lair... Jesus. This is what passes for journalism now? How 'bout just sticking to telling us what's going on. There's no need to dress it up with this kind of stupidity...