...not to pour water on your cry for support, but this is a forum of CFL football freaks, the already converted so-to-speak...yay argos yay, don't suck this year......

Hmm. I didn't see any flex packs...

Southern Ontario REALLY needed a shot in the arm as both the Ticats AND Argo's were sinking.Mark Cohon even made his special project so to speak to bring back interest.The Ticats have done their part, now the Argo's have to step up.IMO though, Toronto is no longer a CFL city.Most of the people seem to prefer the NFL, NHL or NBA there.Sad really.

In my opinion Toronto hasnt been a CFL city since the Jays came in. Certainly not since the Varsity Stadium days. I'm disgusted and embarrased to even be from a suburb of this pitiful pathetic city (Toronto).

Toronto ONT, USA. They want so bad to be involved with everything American, and they themselves see Canadian sports as a joke.USA's like the guy that's so much of a tool, no other girl wants to date him (rest of Canada).Except that one girl that is blindly in love and can't see his faults.(Toronto)Now i'm not saying the States is full of tools by anymeans.What i'm reffering to is Toronto's lack of respect towards Canada's individuality, and total love for everything America has to offer.

To the people of Toronto, Americans equal money, that's all they care about.

I love it when people from Toronto bash the US and then crack open a Budweiser, eat McDonalds and watch the NFL/slam the CFL. Me, I crack open a Moosehead, eat Harveys and watch CFL.

It's going to bug a lot of people in Toronto in 2012 when the 100th GC is there and lots of CFL fans will be about. Sure, it's easy for anything to get buried in a big city like Toronto but the stadium will be packed and the events will be happening.

Oh, looks like we have a winner for Top Canadian!!! :o

Best way to support Toronto for people on this board is to buy two tickets and take people to games that don't normally go to CFL games. Or stay home invite friends that are not into CFL and show them what great entertainment they are missing. We have to be like annoying Jehovah Witnesses in Southern Ontario.

That's exactly how i got into watching the cfl last season... Best CFL memory last season, well 2 good memories, both vs Hamilton, season opener with my two best friends, and the September 11th 2009 game versus Hamilton (almost heart stopping)...

Thanks Chief, but theres way better Canadians than me out there, just not in TO

You're pretty much preaching to the choir here, While the NFL roots are American, I don't understand why people bash the NHL or NBA on this board. Their seasons aren't TOO parrallel with the CFL, and both have Canadian history. I don't need to explain the NHL for obvious reasons, but the NBA definitely has some Canadian roots. The sport was invented by a Canadian first of all that went to McGill university. The first NBA game was played on Canadian soild (in Toronto with the 1946-47) Huskies, that were owned by the same owners of the TiCats at the time.

Obviously I'm not gonna talk about the history of soccer in this country, and all the old leagues/teams that were in this country. The MLS season does run fairly parrallel to the CFL season. Aren't any of you guys concerned about the MLS being in Montreal (they are very european so I think soccer works there), and Vancouver? These teams in the MLS will all have strong ownership and are a part of a growing soccer league that has NCAA support as well as the Canadian Soccer Association support. They can get talent from all over the world.

Lots of great changes, looks good for the season, COME ON TORONTO !!!!!!

Looks like Braley is having a positive effect right away from what I can see, exactly what the Argos need, an owner who knows WTF is going on around a football team and what needs to be done. :thup:

Yes, so we can have more labour day games like 2008 where you dont know whos gonna win until the last second. Last year sucked (for me at least :thdn: )

Have faith argofan, at least now you don't have a couple of pretend wanker owners who never had a clue what they were doing. As much as they were nice local guys who professed to "love" the Argos. Gag, gag, gag

I find it kind of funny when people out west say things like "Torontonians aren't good Canadians." Such a stereotype. There are a lot of great CFL fans and great Canadians in Toronto. Also, Toronto is so diverse in its population, which in a way makes it more Canadian than a lot of places out West. Depends on which way you look at things, but Toronto is Canada, not sure where people are getting this Americanized vision from.

Excellent point jk. :thup:

Ok, don’t want to start a new thread for this, but this is funny. Wife and me did the The Falls thing (Niagara Falls) last night, good deal at a major hotel there and anyways, this morning we walk along the shops area and in one of the stores with all the other trinkets is this bin of little footballs that are emblazed with ‘Canada Football League’, man I had to laugh, but at $2.99 I had to pick one up, sort of like a coin where there is a mistake sort of thing. All the stores have all Canada stuff right now of course. But I almost want to go back and buy a 1,000 of these little kids sponge footballs.