Come on, RONA!

I see Rona hasn't learned from last season. I've seen that one commercial when the guy's walking back to his seat and the announcer's going over all the home improvements he's done about half a dozen times now. :roll:

Almost makes ya miss the guy getting out of the bathtub, fully dressed, and rebuilding the bathroom............well, almost.


That new Cheese Bagel Tim Horton's commercial is getting old, too.

I'll say.

I do enjoy the Most Interesting Man in the World though. . . we could do with more of his spots and far fewer of the others.

It’s still better than the over-played ad of a few years ago…RANCH!!

Heck of a lot better than the one with the idiot building a deck in his living room.

Those commercials are beyond ridiculous. What was it they said in that one… he’s the only man who can speak Russian in French. :lol:

That dude's the sh..! He even has a Facebook page. :lol: I never get tired of those, and if you have yet to try Dos Equis Amber you are missing out!

As for the other commercials well ...I have to say overall they appeal to a somewhat higher level of brainpower, to put it as nice as I can, than the average ad running during NFL games as about the only positive spin I can give them. Down here the lowest common denominator has never been lower I tell you, and if in doubt in that regard for you fellow Americans reading just take a trip to your local Wal-Mart and try staring at folks walking in and out for 10 minutes if you can manage.

Also you need more hot chicks in your ads including for alcohol too as for The Most Interesting Man. :slight_smile:

Hey question for you all up there do you call what we Americans call a BLT sandwich, as in bacon, lettuce, tomato, a "BELT" in Canada like in the commercial I think for Tim Horton's? Or is that just their name for it?

A BELT has egg in it, and is from Tim Horton's. A BLT here is the same as yours there.

...........STAY THIRSTY MY FRIEND.... :wink: :thup:

I love the Steve Nash vitamin water commercial.

For anyone who hasn't seen it:

oh yeah. how dare rona and these other companies support the cfl by buying air time. How dare they!

Its nice of them to do that… but at least come up with something that isn’t so lame… the commercials on now make one almost pine for the days for RANCH!..

I wouldn't even mind the lameness if they'd just come up with a few different commercials. Seeing the same commercial half a dozen times during one game is irritating.

well, to state the obvious, it takes extra money to keep making new commercials. OTOH, I often wonder why companies that have been around for decades dont rehash 20+ yr old commercials.

ban wont wear off, as the day wears on

You'll wonder where the yellow went.....

Lets all go to a&w. Foods more fun at a&w.......

two all beef patties, lettuce cheese, special sauce......

Ah yes, reminds me of the other very lame commercial.. the "smarter than sweat" yellow stain commercial.. :roll:

Indeed we are sick of that Carlo and his french fries/chips already in week one. And that cheesy BELT commercial too. But hey we'll see them again as they pay to play a whole lot of money right? :roll:

It's cool up there that you advertise whisky or liquor during games as they don't do down here during NFL games that I can remember. But I wonder if Gibson's is any good compared to Crown Royal? Or even Seagram's 7 or Canadian Club?

Also during NFL games we have no Vegas ads either and less hot chicks in the beer ads any more more than likely due the relatively prudish nature of the NFL for sake of its public image long before the frequency of thuggishness off the field has been exposed especially since the late 1990s.

Here's an example of a routine beer ad that ran in 2003 for Coors before the whole Janet Jackson deal for which the numerous prudes and ninnies and everyone in Washington spazzed out and overreacted down here:

AC/DC fans get ready!

And it's true they don't make these ads like they used to already and we need more of them instead of all those cheeseball ads! :x

These commercials must be effective as you all know them off by heart.

I have never bought any of the products advertised... so I don't see how think they are effective...

The most effective advertising is that which you do not realize has any effect on your decisions. But stuck in your subconcious somewhere after watching the same commercial a gazillion times is the impetus to go to Rona when you need new taps or to stop at Tim Hortons when you want a coffee and then decide you are also hungry when you see the picture of the BELT.