Come on, please!!

Dear CFL brass,

As an Ottawa fan of the CFL I really would like to know what is going on with a team in Ottawa. The original goal was to bring back Ottawa in 2007, then that was moved to 2008. Now, we have not heard/seen anything. The only thing we hear is that the CFL is determinded to get it right this time. I suppose that if we hear nothing by the end of March it will mean that a 2008 season is out of the question (you would need that time to build a team, hire a gm, scouts, get a coaching staff in place... and scout college players during the 2007 season AND get a season ticket base).

Unless Ottawa is no longer in CFL plans and the league is content with it't current eight teams. And if this is so, please let us know so that we in Ottawa can move on to some other football... (we do have the largest minor football program in the country (NCAFA), plus CIS, college AA and many high school programs).

The Football fan base is there.
Maybe we can get another league interested...

Thank you for your time.

I know exactly how u feel. I have been a die hard fan of Ottawa football (CFL) for 35 yrs. This I can tell u if the Board of Goofs don't put a team in Ottawa in 08, then the CFL can go FUCK itself.

This is the last i heard, from a group on Facebook (Bring Back the Ottawa Renegades...)

"On the Team 1200 the other day, Kulka basically reiterated what we know already - Franchise fee is agreed to, escrow funds agreed to, and that Palmer group is negotiating stadium lease and expansion draft now.

As they news is good news. Its a sign in the right direction..."

Let's hope they're right.

No news may be good news, but no communication of any sort is no way to restore confidence in a fan base.

All I have to go on to believe that they're "doing it right" is their say-so, and in the not too recent past I recall them saying they were committed to the Ottawa market only to fold the team, and that they were comfortable with the Gliebermans' business plan (and we all saw how that turned out). So the league's word doesn't mean too much to me right now.

Shutting out the same people that you expect to come running back when (if) you put a team in is not "doing it right".

I know you guys have a burning passion for a team in Ottawa, (I would like Ottawa to return too!) but like the press release said, the CFL Brass want to do it right. They MUST get the right, committed Owner. The last thing Ottawa needs is a Glieberman Clone to turn off the remaining fans.

Hang in there!

Much appreciated. :thup:

No one disputes the need to do it right; you're totally correct about that.

But contrary to the belief of some, I'm sure, there ARE die-hard fans in Ottawa and it feels like we're being taken for granted. We've already had one season flushed, are about to have a second, and are facing the possibility of a third if things don't get moving soon.

I know these things don't get done overnight. But this had been going on for a year now. And just because you choose to do something very slowly doesn't mean you're doing it any better. Just ask my wife. :?

I don't get any sense of urgency or enthusiasm out of it from the league. It feels more like something they'll do when they get around to it, or something they see as a necessary evil.

In the meantime, those of us who supported the team most strongly are being seemingly overlooked. I can't recall the last time anyone said anything to us. Oh yeah, October, when one of the Golden Gate people got cancer.

I have no idea how the league expects us to remain enthusiastic, hopeful and interested. Whatever they may be "doing right" backstage, they're not doing right in terms of fan relations. That FDR felt the need to start this thread is testament to that.


I heard on CFRA radio this morning that there are active negotiations on-going with the new ownership group and the CFL.
An announcement will be made before the start of this years CFL season.

Do you recall who said the second part? Was there someone from the league being interviewed, or did CFRA get a statement from the league?

Hey guys,

As Sportsmen said, hang in there. I too am dying/desperate to see a team back in Ottawa, ASAP. But I do think no (or at least, minimal) news is good news. The CFL has always, always liked to keep things quiet. They usually HATE it when all of a sudden, people are blabbing to the media about what's going on, about what's supposed to be secret and behind closed doors. I strongly suspect this is a (if not THE) reason why D'Angelo was shut out.

So to me, the fact that times are quiet right now means things are going pretty well. To me, it means the CFL/ownership group is waiting for all the last details to get worked out, so they can say with 100% certainty that the team will be back for 2008. Maybe I'm just being optimistic, but I can also admit to you that I tend to be "the eternal pessimist" :slight_smile:

Ottawa is DEFINITELY still in the CFL's plans; in fact, I bet you it's their priority. Although "maybe we can get another league interested" sounds like a bit of a threat, to me :?

While it's true that if something's out of sight it's out of mind, there really isn't much that can be done for the football fans of Ottawa right now. They can't exactly advertise, market and hype a team that doesn't exist. That would probably jade people more than anything.

And you die-hard fans probably ARE being taken for granted - but I'd be proud of that fact. You should be proud of the fact that since you guys are such strong fans of football (especially Ottawa football) and the CFL, that new owners can count on you to come to the games - and hence, new owners can know that there will be fans there to watch their team.

Don't worry yet, guys. I know you're antsy, and I would be too. But the original word (from the February meetings) was that something would be done by the end of March. There is still time until then. Even if mid-to-late April rolls around and nothing's happened, I wouldn't worry too much - shiat happens to slow down the process.

By the sounds of it, the biggest and most difficult issue, money, has been pretty much sorted out. Things are probably going pretty well.

Again - hang in there! These things take time, especially if you're trying to do due dilligence. Would you rather they rushed into it, almost blindly? Before answering, consider that that's pretty much what happened last time ... !

Sorry to butcher your post, but I wanted to highlight the parts I'm responding to most specifically.

Like Sporstmen, I appreciate your encouragement/enthusiasm. But I'm not a believer that no news is good news. It could just as easily mean that nothing is happening.

After the Renegades made a big splash by hiring Jenkins and re-signing a bunch of players long-term in late 2005, they stopped communicating. They went out and held free agent camps all over the Statse and agreed to terms with a great number of players, but didn't announce any of it.

So the perception around town was that they were doing nothing to improve the team. It wasn't true, but the silence created the wrong image.

When they finally did get around to speaking, they fumbled it (Forrest Gregg's notorious radio interview in which he forgot Kerry Joseph's name generally came off as lost and confused) and whatever good image the team had left was blown.

I'm seeing the same mistake being made here. I think I can be excused for having little faith in the league, so I can't possibly view silence as a positive.

Neither can I view being taken for granted as a compliment. You may be right that they (the league) have the attitude of "those guys are great, they can take it". But being able to take it doesn't mean we should be put in a position to again. They are making a bad situation worse.

But ultimately "hanging in there" is about the only option we have, because not supporting it if it returns would be counter-productive. I just hate that our loyalty feels like it's being taken advantage of.

As an aside, I quite like that logo on the bottom right of your post. D'you make that?

I wonder if football can really make a go of it in Ottawa. If the fans really wanted football, they would have supported the team no matter who the owner was, but they did not do that. If Ottawa gets a team again, it wont matter who the owner is-- if the fans dont show up in sufficient numbers to support this franchise,it will fail for a 3rd time. The ball is now in the fans' court. Once you get another franchise, show the new owners and the rest of the league that you want football in Ottawa. The fans can blame poor ownership, and city council all they want, but if they dont fill Frank Clair to make the CFL viable, we will be talking about another failed attempt to put pro football in Ottawa.

I'm not going to keep repeating the same old thing, so here.

[url=] ... torder=asc[/url]

Ottawa fans have been more, or equally, supportive than fans in other several other cites, despite never having any light at the end of the tunnel.

Compare Ottawa's attendance to how quickly toronto and Hamilton's dropped earlier this decade, then consider that Ottawa's "difficulties" have been three times as long. And there was never any hope on the horizon.

And even if you were right, it doesn't make the handling of the situation by the league any better.

No, but how many times are we going to go to this well? I would say it is very close being all dried up, unless fans, owners and coporate support shore up the team if another franchise is granted. Obviously the Gliebs didnt feel that 26K was good enough to keep the team afloat. There has to be a willingness of all involved to make a team viable. The fans are the most important, given the fact the CFL is a gate-driven league. Yes , the league needs to dot all the i's and cross all the t's once a team is operating in Ottawa again. The fans need to do their part as well-Im just curious as to how many fans are willing to give this another shot- you may find that 26K might turn out to be 18 to 22K.

All right, I get you better now. I think we're actually more in agreement than it first appeared.

It's because the market has had such poor "service" of late that I feel the CFL should still be giving it some attention now. Keep at least a line of communication with the fanbase and show that you want it to work. Clamming up provides nothing. Out of sight, out of mind.

Some of us felt outright shafted when this whole deal went down. I don't know how the league expects us to remain interested if they show no interest in their end.

When the Renegades were folded, there was an article in the local papers about how local minor football would lose about $20,000 in funding as a result because the Renegades would let them have 50/50 draws at games. Some of us (fans) brought this to the league's attention.

A good PR move would have been to make a similar doantion. It's a nothing expense compared to that of running the franchise, it promotes football in the area while there's no pro team, it backs the claim of taking responsiblity for the mess (as Tom Wright claimed to do) and it avoids making some of the innocent bystanders victims of the whole thing.

What did they do? Nothing. I think only one person bothered to respond but nothing ever came of it.

Those are the kinds of things that the league could be doing to nurture the market while there's no team. But instead they shut everyone out while they have their secret meetings and make staying interested even more of a chore.

I'd even say that they're making their own job harder.

When (if) they return, it'll be like that friend that only ever calls when he need a favour. We want your money now, so come on out. They'll give us a pretty speech about being committed, but we already heard it in 2005 and saw what came of their "commitment".

So showing that commitment as early as possible would be a good idea, I think. :?

I am in support of a new Ottawa team and wish the best for you guys. Sooner or late you guys will have your team back.

Thanks, man.

Ultimately, I think so too. I just wish there stronger indicators. That whole deal last December when Palmer was said to have pulled out, but it turned out he didn't, was a good example of the sort of crossed signals we keep getting. You wonder what the hell is going on, it's frustrating to not know and it doesn't seem like much to ask.

I'm frustrated too with the lack of news, but from what I heard on the radio last week with the negotiations on-going with the Palmer group gives me hope.

Yesterdays Sun article was good, it gives some hope that if the Palmer group bid doesn't work out then D'Angelo and Jeff Hunt are waiting in the wings.

This is the link:

[url=] ... 8-sun.html[/url]

And the latest in today's, March 23rd Ottwa Sun:

[url=] ... 0-sun.html[/url]

If D'Angelo puts a team in Ottawa, i promise to only buy steelback from the beerstore for a whole year.