Come on people don't let the riders rig another competition, vote for jon cornish

Don't waste your time, Slider fans have no life and rigging polls is what they do best.

ya i guess there is no point because there is nothing to do in saskatchewan so they just vote in polls all day long

Yeh, not like the smog infested concrete jungle of Calgary. Alberta has 1 lake that is swimmable or skiable, Sask. has 1,000. There are more cottages in Sask than houses in Calgary. Wake up buddy, There is more to recreation than dodging knives and bullets when you walk around town.

There are tons of swimmable lakes in alberta, and if there is so much to do in those flatlands why does everyone move from saskatchewan to alberta. There isn't more cottages in saskatchewan than houses in calgary, because calgary and the surronding areas have more people than all of saskatchewan. You also must have never left saskatchewan because calgary is ranked as the cleanest city in the worldvia the mercer quality of living survey. Calgary is also fifth in the world for most livable cities, via The Economist's World's Most Livable Cities 2010

Uuhhmm, I live in Calgary. I see the smog everyday from the deep south, hovering over the downtown. There are 100's of thousands of Albertans that own Sask. and B.C. Cottages. If there are so many useable lakes in Alberta, why does everyone drive 4 - 6 hours to go to the lake??

...recess is over, don't you two have, like, gym or something?

i like how it turned to an arguement over the geography of both alberta and saskatchewan haha and just a point to put out there that people go to bc cause its not the prairies and people go to ssk cause a lot of the good lots around lakes are taken, also a lot of people like to really go somewhere if they have a vacation, not down the road to the local lake...just some food for thought next time you guys argue this really irrelevant point :smiley:

If I'm not mistaken Cornish won! Wahoozer