Come on people.............

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Please people, if you don't want them, give them away or refuse them at the gate. I hate when people do this.

There is also a guy selling Ticat merchandise that he bought at National Sports when they had their big sale. The ticat pants were $20 there, he's selling them for $50.

I'm all about making a quick buck but this just cheezes me off!

don't worry. He can keep listing them and paying the fees and when nobody buys them eventually he will stop listing them. Each time he lists them and nobody buys them he will keep paying fees, so in a way I want him to keep listing them because it will actually cost him money.

not to mention the free advertising for the cats.

8) Just when I thought I had seen everything !!!
 Even selling the thundersticks, 49 cents ea.  !!!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Unbelievable  !!

I don't understand what's wrong with this - if you're from out of town, or you're a Ticat memorabilia completist, or you missed the game a particular item was given away, some of this stuff might not be available to you otherwise.

The H of F bust ticket stubs, the game day programs with the cool graphics, the fridge magnet scheds - all of this stuff should be available if there's a demand.

49 cents EACH! That is unbelievable. You can hardly call it a thunderstick if you only have one. :wink:

You can if you bang it on your head.

I agree. Where I grew up, it was very difficult to find Ticats merchandise. Even things like Ticats t-shirts were hard to come by without the luxury of internet shopping, never mind more esoteric items...

My problem is that they just handed this stuff out. I understand a few years down the road you are cleaning out your basement and dust it off and sell it but really they aren't rare and you can even get the bobblehead at the ticat store for 15 bucks!

But not, it would seem, at the Ticat online store. So, if you want the Ticat bobblehead, what are your choices? You either gotta drive to Hamilton or buy it from this guy online. The opportunity for a guy that has a bobblehead and a guy that wants one to come together - nuthin at all wrong with that.