Come on people

I loved tonights win and then I came on here and read all the comments regarding Jesse and Casey. lol.
Now we are running those two out of town.
Yes Williams was awsome and I say give him the gameball even when Printers is back but to giveup on Printers is a mistake. Too bad management who pays him the big bucks will have a say in who is playing.
As for getting rid of Jesse. Not a chance. Yes Caully and Smith were awesome but it is only one game that they have really shone out of how many???
As mentioned in another post I was also wondering where Printers was. hmmmm

What, we just beat one a team that is as sorry as they come, and now you think Richy is the guy to lead this team. Man, you people are a piece of work. Well, I'm not surprised, with the mindset of this of some of you posters and so called fans. It's a shame.

I'm sorry, I disagree. Richie has been great every time he's played and there's always an excuse "it was just mop-up time" or "it didn't matter" or "they were playing a prevent defence". Today he showed all the same attributes from start to finish.

Sure the O-line still let guys through on occasion, but instead of a five yard sack/loss there was a Richie scramble and a first dowm.

I thought Richie was a f***in Hero tonight and I'm not ashamed to say it. Great game by the whole squad. As for Daft and Voldemort, you beat the Argos again on Labour Day and I won't say another disparaging word for the rest of the year. I'm one of those fans who don't care how many games we win as long as we beat the argos...