Come on Mods - get this board working

It was bush league that we couldn’t get enough bandwidth to keep this board running through the conference finals.

Now we are getting crashes the day before Grey Cup.

Someone, somewhere, can do better than this.


We’re going to migrate forum software after the Grey Cup; the site gets hammered by bots and any site has a tough time staying up under sustained pressure, but it should handle it better than this.

Its been terrible for a long time, this should have been fixed long before the playoffs. After the Grey Cup does not help us.

It hasn’t been “terrible for a long time” Sure it could handle a DOS attack more gracefully, but those only seem to happen during the playoffs. So, it’s only terrible a couple of times a year when it gets targeted by (probably) NFL fanboys who feel threatened by a pro league that is decidedly no threat.

It’ll get fixed, but I’m betting migrating everything over to a new platform is not trivial.

Roger Goodell and his fifth column of NFL fanboys in Canada are responsible. We must remain ever vigilant to preserve our game and cultural independence overall!


Who has time to be on the Forums during the game?
What a first world problem :stuck_out_tongue:

Word, dawg.

i wish the game lasted the entire day, but unfortunately it doesn’t.

its called multitasking

Still a first world problem. Sorry you cant get your conjecture out ?

99% of what is posted in these forums is “first world” problems

Should we just stop posting?

If we are talking about the needs of the world, then yeah, these forums don’t matter.

When we are talking CFL, then these forum do matter.

It all relative.

You’d be feeling nihilistic too if you were an Argo fan.

To me, the board is a welcome often-amusing addition to watching the game on TV. I can’t always afford to go to the games (especially away games).

10000% of what i personally post is ALSO a first world problem by my own standard.
We really do take ourselves so seriously.


Well somebody’s got to do it!


Following Rpaege’s sage comments, this is a common and modern rite of passage with most any technology given that the troublemakers tend to overcome any given platform enough to render it more of a nuisance in operation.

Rules of sore thumb - anything over 5 years is borrowed time at the desk and anything over 3 on mobile software.

We had some software migration here circa 2016 or so I think too.

Now what many of us want to know is if somewhere before the final transition there will be a prudently ceremonial explosion of this old forum?

It will be a bit sad, but we’ll be onto something new already and it will be time and we can all pay our respects to Ye Olde CFL Forum RIP.

I am sorry I am getting a bit emotional now so I will break away and await an update and orders for the launch sequence from Sully et al.

While I’m here, about the only site I have problem’s playing video from is I have a Fiber line and use FF, is there something about Brightcove that causes lagging issues. It used to be a big problem a few years ago and then it seemed to go away and then it came back. I am playing some now and they seem ok though.

Yesterday I tried to post twice in the Game thread, and it didn’t take. The first time it said I had already posted the comment, but it wasn’t there. The next time it worked, but then it vanished the next time I opened the thread. After that, it worked okay.