Come on Lions....Jyles did you guys a favour!

The Esks had the game in the bag Thursday night against Winnipeg. They were well within field goal range to put the game away and theoretically there were only two ways they could screw it up and not win the game or at least force over-time.

  1. The kicker’s field goal attempt hitting the uprights or cross bar and not going through or…
  2. The field goal attempt getting blocked.

Did I say only two ways? Oooops. Sorry Jyles, you proved me wrong.

From where the Esks were on the field with about a minute remaining the Esks could have even punted the ball through the end zone for a single to force overtime.

For some inexplicable reason, Jyles, instead of working the clock and getting the ball into position for an easy field goal attempt he decided to run fool hardily for more yardage than his kicker needed and he ended up fumbling the ball allowing the Bombers to recover. I don’t understand? All they needed was a single to tie the game. Given where they were a winning field goal was almost a guarantee.

I hope the Lions Club sent him a bouquet of flowers or a nice box of chocolates to thank him for doing the Lions a huge favour. Instead of the Esks going up 2 games on the Lions, the Lions now have a chance to move into a 1st place tie [at least in points] by beating Calgary on Saturday evening. This will not be easy. Glenn is on fire and so are the Stamps when you look at how many points that have racked up so far this season.

If the Lions suffer a 3rd consecutive loss they had better start doing some soul searching. They should not have lost either game against SSK or Edmonton as far as I’m concerned. They cannot afford to keep squandering away their games. The Argos are no slouch team with Ricky Ray at the controls. The Lions meet them next week. Then the melon heads roll into B.C. Place on August 19. They know they can beat the Lions.

I was not impressed the way I saw how the Lions played against the Esks last week. The Lions were simply outplayed but played well enough to win except for that nasty back breaking TD interception that was run back 108 yards. I was not impressed with the loss against SSK. It is not just that the Lions lost, it was how they lost.

I was fully expecting the Lions to dine on and devour the competition this year but during the last 2 games it is the Lions that were the main course. I’m hoping the Calgary Stampeders are vegetarians since I have read that in recent years, the lion has been registered on the endangered species list.