come on lets get more teams

i know this is getting kinda old, talking about expanding but we need to get more interest in eastern canada.get Halifax in, there's lots of money in Fort McMurray got a team close to there. i would love to see 10,12 or more teams in the CFL.i think that more maritimers watch the NFL. I know this caperdude is a nut ball, but i can wish can i.hey the CFL is a much better game

The most that would ever work is 10 teams. Maybe 11. Quebec, Halifax, Ottawa.

Not that the CFL isn't fine as it is right now.

that's true but it would be nice though

Now here is a topic that has been beaten to death.

There is a lot of money in Fort Mac but the city is way too small to have a team. Again we can't expand for the sake of expanding, a plan has to be in place before anything happens.

why wont people wake up and realize how unrealistic the idea of 12 teams is. We have one tenth the population of USA and we are spread out over a larger land mass, and we already support 3 times the number of teams per capita, and you expect more???

oh come on litten up i'm just dreaming here. but i still think that the interest will go down especially in the east in 5 to 8 years from now.(hope not)

No, its on the way up.

Let me show you the attendance of the East teams last year vs. the year 2000. I'm including playoffs.

2005: 31,597
2000: 17,381

2005: 28,002
2000: 20,057

2005: 24,408
2000: 19,561
The difference for Montreal would be greater if they had a decent sized stadium

I'd be more worried about the West. Even though they are still the biggest CFL supporters, attendance has gone down in every Western city except Saskatchewan, since the turn of the century.

This has been debated and debated again and generally the consensus is that there are only 5 cities in Canada that could be considered and some are longshots.

Ottawa, Halifax, Quebec City, Windsor, Saskatoon.

There is a problem in each case.

Ottawa has been tried before, with little success.

Halifax is a very small market and has no stadium. The stadium is pending on Halifax winning their 2014 Commonwealth Games bid. But even if they got a stadium, they would have to be the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Maritimes, and have people travel from all around.

QUebec City has no stadium and their mayor is against using city money to build one.

Windsor has no stadium and their residents are most likely NFL supporters, given their very close proximity to a major NFL market. The old Detroit Lions stadium is available, but its 80,000 seasts would likely result in a terrible atmosphere and be expensive to use.

Saskatoon is too small. They are also an important part of the Roughriders fanbase. There is also no stadium.

Quit ragging on Ottawa. They started out with the highest ticket prices in the league & an ownership group that was tight on $$$ and expecting an enforced cap circa 2002. The next ownership group were just idiots who ran the team to the ground...

Give Ottawa an owner like Bob Young, a president like Keith Pelly or Hugh Campbell & they will succeed like the existing 8 franchises...

I'm trying to figure out how to get a team in atlantic Canada, when a lot of the population is moving to Alberta and BC?

Makes one wonder?

12 Teams Isn't That Unrealistic. For Those Of You Who Remember These Expansion Topics From Last Year We Had 3 Major Markets We Thought Had A Shot Of Getting The 10th CFL Team; Halifax, Quebec City, And London. Now I'm Not Saying We Need To Rush To Get 12 Teams, Let's Focus On Get 10 Then Maybe 20 Years Down The Road The Population And The Demand Will Be There For The 11th And 12th. Really All A Team Needs To Support Itself Is On Average 20 000 - 25 000 Per Game. Halifax, Quebec, And London Have Drawn Crowds Nearly That Size For CIS Games. Also I Went Digging And Found My Last Post On Population Sizes And Expansion.

The thing is, as long as TV is around and CanCon rules, this league is fine as it is now. As more high def TV's get lower in price and surround sound systems, TV is going to be huge and combined with the fact that Canadian TV networks have to show so much Canadian content. I love going to Cats games but TV is going to get huge in the next few years, all part of the "information explosion" with the combining of visual and audio media.

If you take a look at the population of the B.C. interior region, that would include Kelowna, Penticton, Vernon and possibly Kamloops (about an hour and bit away) I would guess it to be 350 - 400K.

A team based in Kelowna would draw well because it is central to the region. Just like it does for Saskatchewan.

It is a region that has some decent income ranges. Plus they have a junior team in Kelowna, (so they must have some kind of stadium - don't know how big)

Not saying it would absolutely work, but some good market research on the part of the league might be in order - for Kelowna and all other areas where future expansion might take place.

Research is the cornerstone to good marketing and ultimately, business success. Maybe the league should be doing a bit of this work?

If you take a look at the population of the B.C. interior region, that would include Kelowna, Penticton, Vernon and possibly Kamloops (about an hour and bit away) I would guess it to be 350 - 400K.
the regina population is misleading because they draw from all over the province. All the others have 700,000 plus and they struggle to maintain decent attendance. Why would you expect half that much population to be able to do it. For a couple yrs due to novelty, maybe, but the team folds in just few yrs all other things be equal as now.

Of all the cities speculated about, only Quebec City has the population equatable to existing clubs, yet they, along with all the rest already contribute to existing teams. Total population combined with interest just isnt there.

I am sure that the league has done some research. Yes you might get a figure of around 300,000 within a 2 hour drive of Kelowna, but that is still to small. Yes Regina does it with less but the infrastructure and the support has been built over a long period of time. Who is going to anti up the $80 -$100 million to build the stadium in Kelowna? How many people will actually drive from Kamloops to see a game?

Now if Kelowna was to get the Commonwealth games and have a stadium built then I would think there would be a very longshot as long as there was at least 400,000 people in the valley, but that is still a few decades away. Nope, its Halifax if they get the C games, Ottawa, and Quebec City. Some have suggested places like London, if someone with deep pockets comes along and they figure out how to finance a stadium, I guess another Ontario team is a possibility, but I still think it would be a long shot.

what pisses me off about this constant speculation over more teams is that it continuously suggests that things are not good enough now. I say things are just fine. Lets just enjoy what we have.

I think the crap about not enough population is bull. You put two new teams in place by 2008 and build from that. The league needs to have a revenue sharing plan in place to get it going. In the first year alone...merchandise sales of expansion teams are always huge. Afte the first two seasons, you have a slow down, but you hope by then the team will be decent and be the talk of the town...that's what the revenue sharing is there for. They got a boost in sales overall because of the initially new gear, now they need backing up after the first couple of seasons. It's win-win for all the teams to do so. Increase the Canadian content to have fans from their region become players. Who wouldn't love to see someone they went to high school or Uni with, playing Pro ball? Also, with a few more CFL there is still room for some decent NFLer that didn't make the cut to come up (not suspended troubled players...decent skilled players).

After a couple of seasons, expand again.

Seriously...8-9 is a joke for a pro league! The NLL is expanding...why isn't the CFL? They have someone at the helm that wants to be agressive. That's the problem with a lot of Canadian businesss...too much status quo. We lost the Avro Arrow because the PM was worried it would be too costly and some other politcal crap, and we lost Hbc who was sold to an American. Some of our big companies have sold out, Bombardier, Future Shop, Tim Horton's...the list goes on because we don't get our asses of the couch and take chances!

Seriously...8-9 is a joke for a pro league
no!! it is not!!

What is a joke is refusing to except reality.

The NLL only needs 12,000 people to break even. A CFL team needs 20-25,000 to break even.

Population and Stadiums are the two main road blocks whether you like it or not.