Come on it was only one game!

This team was with out 5 starter at least last night. They can all play but dont know how to play with each other yet.This team will start winning I know it, but first the coaches have to take chances and move some of those practice roster to starters when people perform as they did last night! We all know who did good last night and who didnt. So maybe I am alone but I beleive this team can exsplode offensively only if they know how! GIVE THEM TIME!

The 12,000 diehard fans will always give them time: it's the other 16,000 fans that Bob Young is concerned about.

This team probably CAN be explosive. But not with this coaching crew.

It has nothing to do with the coaching staff. they can't make stupid mistakes and. if you go to pratice this week. Look for the team to run sprint.( I know i wouldn't be jumping off side anymore)

without 5 starters? Wanna name those FIVE starters for me that were hurt last night?

and incase you didnt notice, the als were without Ben Cahoon, Elijah Thurmon, and Jarret Payton last night and they put up 33 points on us.

That's Creehan's fault, he runs a very vanilla defence. He needs to throw in some safety blitzes and have the linebackers move around a bit.

Bulldog: I believe it has just about EVERYTHING to do with the coaching staff...more specifically the Head Coach. What we saw Thursday day night was what we saw all last season. Not enough discipline and just as important...the players did not buy into the Mickey Mouse offensive and defensive schemes last year. It looks like the same thing is developing again this season. Coaches have to earn the respect of the players through their ability to plan smartly and adjust smartly during the game. When they get that respect, the players respond with better play and motivation. How could this team look so flat on Thursday when it was the first game of the season and talented new players were added to the mix? We have some excellent players who give great individual effort but they have to work as a TEAM. Based on what I have seen so far it looks to me like we will have trouble beating all the teams in the CFL with the possible exception of Edmonton. As a team we are still not up to par with the rest of the league. Thats a coaching issue!
And....look at how the Blue Jays responded to a new Manager.

So, mr62cats, you sense already that the players
are not buying into the offensive and defensive schemes.

If true that's amazing perceptive of you.

My sense is the players are still learning their new systems

It takes an excrutiating amount of time to implement
absolutely new Offensive and Defensive systems.


By the way, the Co-ordinators practice the formations
and plays in THEIR SYSTEMS with their players not Charlie.

Now that the team has a game under it's belt

Charlie has said that he has some
scheme things to speak to them about.

I am cool with that.

(1)Chris Bauman
(2)Terry Caulley
(3)Marko Cavka
(4)J.P Bekasiak
(5)Clinton Wayne


Coach Taaffe need look no further then himself! I mean the guy was hired on the strength of his 2 coach of the year honors, which where really misleading.

Charlie took over Montreal, a team that was complete and in championship form, I mean even Kerry Joseph could have coached that team lol.

Charlie came to Hamilton and immediately hired assts with no CFL experience, where are they now? That was the first red flag about Charlie! I saw it coming 2 years ago, why didn`t someone speak up at the time??? I did, but someone in the CFL should have advised Bob Young that this was a terrible decision.

Charlie has to go! I imagine within 6 weeks you will see Bob Obilovich promote himself to GM/HEAD COACH, but will it be to late by it now OB

I troublesome thing I would like mention. A friend of mine that ussually sells 23 tickets to friends and associates who do business with him ,all declined wanting to go to the opener. Them Business and normal people alike are giving up on this team. I myself will never give up on this team unless by health I have to, of course I am not everyone. For business sake they better start improving!

I see where you are coming from, however, it was a Thursday night. I think you'll see some more fans in the stands when the Cats start playing games on the weekends.

bro first u said 5 starters and now u just named 2 possibly 3 starters. (Cavka and Wayne would have Started but u cant say that Bauman would have necessarily started). and J.P Caulley are back-ups

Tempest in a teapot…regardless of the number of Hamilton starters not in the game, the fact remains that Montreal had MORE starters not playing.

We were soundly beaten by a better team. The Ticats WILL improve as time goes on. Now is not the time to give up on them, providing they can iron out some of the very obvious mistakes from their season opener. I expect to see this team show some improvement every time out, but I'm not so sure they'll make the playoffs, because the entire league looks stronger.

As an Als first-Cats second team I have to agree. HOWEVER realistically speaking, the cats showed flashes of what could be once they start firing on all cylinders.

Casey looked great on half of the plays...on the other half he looked confused and hurried. The O line was pretty brutal but fortunately there isnt anybody in the CFL who can make yards on broken plays like C.P.

Its still early...but in order for the Cats to contend or a playoff spot alot of things are going to have to happen....better O line, a healthy and confident Jesse (I still don't think he's right), receivers who can improvise while Casey is running for his life, and alot better play in the secondary. Some of this stuff may happen as early as next week....who knows?

The real problem here is that there doesnt appear to be any weak sisters in the East this year. Montreal beat the Cats decisively without Cahoon, Thurman, Payton, Hunt, Ellis, Proulx and a couple of others.

I know its only the first game, but the Cat faithful set their expectations so high (10-12 wins) that they forgot how bad this team really was last year. Obie supposedly rode into town to save you from eternal mediocrity. Obie can't play DB for you, or catch Casey's passes. For all the hooplah about the new receiving corp, most of these guys have'nt done the job or have been released. The cats still have the weakest receving corps in the CFL.

Ya gotta crawl before you walk and walk before you run. You build the house one brick at a time.

Time to be patient now, but understand that the Cats are not likely to make the playoffs this year. Use the season wisely to find or develop players who CAN take you over the hump.

I agree that the flashes that we saw at times will become more common place. Maybe they won't make the playoffs this year but they can get a solid core together playing as a team. And then - and this is key - HANG ON to those players.

Desjardins butchered this team when he came in last year. Because the team as a whole played bad in 06 he decided that he was gonna show these underacheivers who was boss and throw everyone out on their can. Say what you will but DJ FLick would've been a great veteran to have on this recieving corps right now. Craig Yeast also would be great at getting open when Casey is on the run. Two guys who were 1000 yard receivers and led the team in receiving for a couple years running and Desjardins makes blanket cuts. It wasn't just at receiver though. He axed the entire roster.

That, my friends, is the problem. Restarting brand new every year. So unfortunately, we wait again. We wait for the team to develop continuity, find out who can really play and where the holes are that need to be filled; which unfortunately we can't do much about until next season.

Can I get a head start on this friday?

OK! hear go's- " COME ON ITS ONLY TWO

GOTC: Exactly. Just like last year after 18 months of Maas...."give him more time!!!".

ron wrote:
" So, mr62cats, you sense already that the players
are not buying into the offensive and defensive schemes.
If true that's amazing perceptive of you.
"By the way, the Co-ordinators practice the formations
and plays in THEIR SYSTEMS with their players not Charlie.
Now that the team has a game under it's belt
Charlie has said that he has some
scheme things to speak to them about.

I am cool with that.

The co-ordinators do practice the formations and plays. THATS the problem. The last time I checked Charlie was the HEAD coach. Its his job to oversee stuff. If he approved that mess Thursday night he should have been sent packing.If he didn't check, then thats a serious problem too. And why was it allowed to continue after half time?
It sounds to me like Obie had words with Charlie and thats why we got this lame comment two days later about speaking to his assistants regarding "schemes." Sad. Sounds like he was the last person to realize that.
A good coach would examine the offensive and defensive schemes before the game and over-ride them if necessary. Its his neck if the team loses.
And...perception is a good thing. If anyone thinks this team is just a few players and the right referees away from success, then they are missing a whole lot about this team right now.
I would much rather discuss plays and players than slag the coach but right now the problems all go back to coaching. As you can see I am not alone with this criticism by a long shot.
If Charlie manages to turn this thing around anytime soon I'll be the first to make a public apology.