Come On Down

I know the Cats aren't playing tonight so come on down, the wings and shrimp are out and the beer is flowing.
Currently watching 5 MLB (including the Jays), 3 MiLB and 1 Arena Football (AFL). At 9:30 we go to CFL, 3 MLB, 2 MiLB and I AFL.
This is standard Friday night, so you are always welcome!

Sounds great. I'm hailin a cab. What do you think it'll run for a cab from the Hammer? Lol

Don't know what the cab rates are but it is 2065 KM and 19 hours driving time, buy the driver a beer and give him a couple of shrimp and he might give you a price break.

Have a good evening, gotta get off the computer and hook it up to the TVs for ESPN 3 and the CFL game.

2000km's?!? Is that Florida?

I live in Florida and work in DC.