Come on Bomber fans, you going to lay down and take this

Some bulletin board material for Bomber fans:

The only way Bomber fans would be loud is if they strapped vuvuzella's to their posterior vent hole.

Banjo Bowl 2010 should be a wet and wild affair.
Go Riders.

Bomber fans dont know what to do when they aint chanting BC SUCKS. :wink:

You could do the Sprint pin-drop experiment successfully @ Canad-Inns....

I think Bomber fans tend to get sleepy

Banjo Bowl is getting closer. :rockin:

"Gainer is a flamer" Man, that guy's witty. :o

First time since 2007 that Michael Bishop won't be a part of this Banjo Bowl!! :rockin:

I find statement like first time since 2007 amusing to say the least. All it means really is for just two yrs, something happened, or didnt happen. Its like calling a 2007 game a classic on espn classics :roll:

Just won't be the same without "can't get right" not playing in the Banjo bowl :cry:

Espn classic Canada showed the monteal vs calgary game from 2008 played in Calgary during the regular season. Good game… But already a classic? Made be laugh a little. I still watched it though. It would be funny to see bishop in bc or Edmonton. It would make for a good story line at any rate. Lots if anticipation. For the banjo bowl. Could get more viewers then last weekend.

Doug stirring the pot, do you think he's glad to be back working in the league again.

What is a vuvuzella?

a female vuvuz

What's a vuvuz?

:lol: :lol:

........vulvazella...or whatever you want to call it , makes a helluva racket....You'll probably see it at the game being played by a toothless rider fan, accompanied by a guy playing a banjo, with a watermelon on his head .....It's the half-time entertainment ..We're goin all out for this one.... :wink:

And here I just finished commenting on another thread about "clarity" when posting.

A Vuvuzella (also not sure of spelling) is a horn, similar to a bugle, but made of plastic, and much more annoying. Makes a great hooting sound when you place your mouth on it, purse your lips and vibrate them while blowing.

A "Vulvazella" may, of course, be played the same way, but it is the owner that then makes all the noise :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

they've been around for years...

As a "toothless rider fan" I am proficient at both :twisted: :cowboy:

billy, we should lock this down...........but I have to ask first, would that make you a vagetarian ?