Come on BC... you CAN do it!

27-10, wow... 2 turnovers, and Montreal capitalized on them and get 14 points. Not the smartest throw from Printers, and Mallet, just bad luck, the ball got punched out. But.. they are only down by 2 touchdowns, so were not that far behind, we can get some quick 2 and outs then capitalize on them and score, and where back in it just like that. I have to say though, Arceneaux is playing a good game, holding on to the ball, making amazing catches, and did you see that hit on him and he held on!? I was so glad his helmet came off, or his neck probably could of been injured. I know the game is not over yet, but BC sure has some making up to do... What ever happens in this game, I am proud of my lions, from the season they head, and making it this far, Beating Hamilton in the play offs to get here, getting into the play offs from a cross over, being 8 and 10, all our good players we need most injured, mainly id. Now Marsh is injured in this game. So, good job lions, I am proud of you, and you will always be my favorite team no matter what, even if you end a season 0 and 18, you will still be favorite, I look up to you guys, and wish to be like all of you one day. Good job guys, and good luck in this game. GO LIONS GO.

okay... maybe not.. come on DEFENSE, it is now 34-10! that is pathetic, but, i still love you BC. Im sorry to say guys, but I think were seeing Montreal and Calgary in the Grey Cup.

Geroy, it's done. You're not coming back. If this continues, that's 2 of your last 3 games you got blown out. That makes the Cats look pretty bad.

yep, after that other touchdown were done, read my other thread about you guys :slight_smile:

That was a classy thread. But don't feel bad for us because you beat us, Geroy. That would devalue your victory and it WAS a hell of a game!

yes, it was a hell of a game, overtime in the play offs, it was awesome. Im hoping for a BC vs Hamilton grey cup next year :slight_smile: But nothing is going right for us, Printers almost just caused a turnover.