many people tune in to see the score if there 2 busy to see the game and especially the week of bob's passing and you screw this up by reversing the score!!!!!!!!!!!! your fired! hire me I can do a better job and not shame the crap outta this team! can we get sum serious people workin here? I'll do the job 4 free! just send me tickets! I'll do a better job!

take a chill pill

no, he's right.

It's pathetic that, for our first win of the season, they've posted the final score BACKWARDS and have us with the loss.

Inexcusable. It can't be THAT difficult.

wow guys, think back thru your lives when you may have made a simple, stupid mistake. They call it being human, it happens. No need to get up in arms.

A mistake is one thing but when you're responsible for doing a job, you should do it right.

Click on the "home" page here and it goes to an old page that still has a poll - "Are you planning on checking out the Lion's training camp in Abbotsford?". There's been ample time to update this. It also talks of who we've released and the Fanfest on June 8.

We're not getting up in arms, just commenting that it's a little lame and someone else could probably do a better job. What's the point of having a site that's incorrect and outdated?

Obviously not a football person doing the job just someone inputting stuff trying to get it done.

I'll go out on a limb here and blame it on a rider fan who is a hacker who did not like the lions winning!LMOL! If your paid and represent a proffesional organization such as this! FIRED your mind is not on your job! hire someone who cares and Gives a flirkin schmidt! dumbass! web page goof!