come on, Argos!

I know cheering for Toronto is a no-no, but I absolutely hate Winnipeg, and would rather see Toronto make the playoffs than the Bombers.

Hope Pickett lights up the Stamps tonight.

The phrase 'come on Argos' should be banned faster than Argos suck was.

are you insane? i hate the bombers too but man....dont you love just watchign the argos get smacked around losing by 30+ points every game? I SURE DO! :rockin:

I do too!!!

PS. Great sig

And wouldn't you like to see the Ticats finish ahead of the blue team in the standings for the first time in a while? If the blue team loses, there is a chance that'll happen. And for those who don't consider the season over for the Ticats, you have to prefer seeing the blue team lose.

Anyway, good to see Stamps get some first downs, but Burris was just asking for a pick when he threw it in the endzone where he did. It should be 6-6 now rather than 6-3 blue team.

End of 1st quarter, and blue team had gone at least 9 consecutive quarters without a TD. Pickett continues to not look bad. Stamps have not won in Toronto since 2000, let's hope that changes.

Alright, Vanderjerk fumbles in blue team endzone and Stamps recover! 10-6 Stamps!

Rather See Montreal In Grey Cup..

I like to see this ..

Winnipeg vs BC east Semi . Winner BC
BC vs Montreal East Final. Winner Montreal

Montreal Vs Calgary Grey Cup Winner Calgary

Crawford ends blue team's TD drought. It was fun while it lasted. 13-10 blue team.

If we can't make it I want to see a crossover with a BC vs Edmonton GC.

50,000 tickets have already been sold as the Grey Cup as I think fans in Montreal like their team’s chances of playing in that game. If Montreal will not be in that game, it still might be hard to get a ticket to it.

That time blue team gets it right on punt as they concede safety. 13-12.

After Pickett gets sacked for 2nd time, another safety conceded to give Stamps 14-13 lead. Don't know why Vanderjerk did not try to take time off the clock with 2:00 left in 2nd quarter.

That might not have had to be concede had it not been for that sack. And I thought Stamp D would gets some sacks as I thought they'd have little difficulty crossing the Pickett line. :slight_smile:

Wow! Copeland catches 61 yard pass in double coverage!

After challenge flag thrown by Hufnagel, it'll either be Calgary TD or 1st and goal from the 1.

I'm not sure why challenge flag was thrown, because with Copeland being ruled down at the 1, that just takes more time off the clock, leaving less time for blue team to get points before end of half.

But Talbot send them back 10 yards with objectionable conduct call forcing attempt for punt single rather than FG. But they don't even get a single point.

come on argos.... hurry up and get your game over with so we can see the beginning of the ticats game.

they're not gonna make it... it's almost 9:00 and they haven't started the 2nd half yet.

Ah, you can always count on Belli to take that kind of penalty. :slight_smile:

Stamps drive was going well, too bad they were limited to FG. 24-13 Stamps.

Ya Guess we have tune in to Radio.. if they don't get it done faster

At least then we won’t have listen to as much of Rod Black. :slight_smile:

lol thanks

Vanderjerk gets FG to make to 24-16 Stamps.

Isn't consistency a great thing?? LOL