Come meet Rusty25

As some of you know, Rusty25 is home on leave from Afghanistan where he is serving his country.

He is an avid fan, wearing his Ticat team shirt on base and sleeping under a Ticat blanket.

He and his family will be sitting with me, so come say hello and wish him well.

BOX I, Row 11, Seat 16


Will try and make it down to box I

If I don't Thank you Rusty and Stay Safe

Thanks Rusty , very proud of our Armed Forces. Going to the game today and hope I meet Rusty.

Hope you enjoyed the game, Rusty! And I'm sure you did.

Rusty did enjoy the win, although it took him a while to settle in after half time on the field and on CHML. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Talk about an ambush!!!

Thanks to all at the Ticat office and the many fans who wished him a safe return!!!
That's one football that won't get tossed around much :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Best wishes to Rusty and the family members who made the trip to Hamilton.
It was great meeting you and having a bit of fun.


Hi Rusty

I hope that you enjoyed the game..was that you on the field? Thanks for keeping us safe and when you go back stay safe...Tequila

We thought that might be him! Sorry we didn’t see this before the game. Best of luck to him


It was nice to meet you too, you hooked up with a very nice Guy>Hans
I met Hans about 15 years.ask him about Baltimore ...
Anyways. keep safe, STAND PROUD MY FRIEND....