combined GM/head coach setup

It's a conflict of interest to have a GM also as the coach.

The situation in Toronto reminds me of the Mike Brown era in Cincinnati. The situation never gets better because owners can't be fired.

In the same way, when was the last time a head coach, also functioning as the GM resigned their post? I rest my case. Bob (Jim) Barker sucks and can't be removed from his to save his hid (not what's best for the organization as he would say in a press release) he releases Cleo Lemon:

The only alternative is the fans in Toronto need to send "hate mail" to the ownership group in Toronto saying we're not supporting the team any more as long as Barker is around...and don't go to their games.

"Hate mail" is nothing more than a load of negativity that does nothing for no one. Whether that negativity is warranted or not, hate mail is most certainly not the way to go.

What you should be doing is sending constructive criticism, suggestions and advice. Not only will your reader be more receptive to what you're writing and be less willing to ignore your negative attitude, but you actually go about helping the team this way. Yelling "Get rid of Jim Barker!" is one thing, but where do you go from there? Do you have anything else in mind? For all you know, the alternatives could well be worse. Offering advice might be of actual help.