Reading some impressive numbers from the event over the weekend. Records in five categories etc. Seems like the prospects are just getting better and better which purports well for the league.
While I do not want to turn this into a NFL / CFL pissing match I am curious if anyone kept track of what numbers the NFL combine put up ? Do they even use the same measuring tools i.e. bench weight etc? Divide the players into the same categories by position? ( As you can tell I have never paid any attention to the NFL combine )
And is the CFL combine closing the gap over the years?

The CFL combine is in it's infancy so it's impossible to compare. I think now that the combine is an annual thing, you'll see the top CIS guys prepare for it, where they may not have in the past.

Nice to see the CFL have this for the top university players in Canada that are motivated to play pro ball in this country. :thup:


well said