Does anyone know where i can find the results to the combine that was held on April 22??


Bolero and Samba.

Apparently, Roy Shivers and Dany Barrett did better than Popp and the Don.

Sorry T but that still doesnt help :lol:

something to do with the Draft? that’s my guess.

A football Combine brings a region’s best prospects together for an evaluation camp. There the coaches and managers harvest the best avilable talent.

Like wheat, the best are processed and move on to the next phase. In the case of the Riders they get ground up like flour and become dust in the wind at playoff time. :roll:

[url=] ... 9&nid=7627[/url] [url=] ... 9&nid=7660[/url]

the first is the numbers, the second is analysis

edit-never mind, that was in march

We have lots of combines here in sask..... :lol: