combine refusal?

I don’t get this.

why show up if not to participate??

How come this is here ?

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Some players don’t want to risk injury and their shot at the NFL, but they still want to attend for the interviews with CFL scouts.

one reason I don’t care for the ratio anymore. The Canadian kids are good enough to compete in the NFL or CFL.

CFL is always in the shadows. Always a bridesmaid never a bride and how many other clichès can we apply here. Every year the same thing. The CFL always gives these guys respect but they don’t get it back. CFL in the new CBA needs to make sure there is money for signing bonuses to help themselves, money that is not included in the CAP. Set a limit and if you don’t use it its gone. Don’t want to commit then you are NOT drafted until the following year. Its time to modify the rules and the ratio in my view.

We’ll always be the bridesmaid until we can raise our salary cap to around $200 million per team. Since that’s not feasible, I think it’d be unwise to raise it significantly without revenues significantly rising first. Having the average salary at $100,000 instead of $50,000 is not going to garner any more fans who look down on the league as second rate to the NFL (whose average salary is around $700,000), but it will put some of our teams further in debt.

And while there are a few Canadians good enough to play in the NFL out of college, that number is small. And if the ratio is reduced, I fear that number will decrease over time since fewer Canadian kids would become professionals and thus fewer would see football as a sport with a future, and thus fewer would choose to participate in the first place.

Get rid of the ratio entirely and this league will quickly be infested by ex-NFL washed out hobos, AAFL flunkies & NCAA cash vampires.

Average 65 person CFL rosters will be comprised of 50+ americans with the requisite handful of great canadian players (3 to 6 depending on team) and a few other canadian hanger-ons!

all good points, you and Dave. I don’t know what the solution is, all I can say is I don’t like the current one

I blame it on the drugs :-[

What exactly is wrong with having good football that is still affordable for the average family that just so happens to promote domestic participation? IMO, lowering the ratio to 5 is a deathblow to CIS ball…that would be horrible. We’ve seen a few Canadian players of recent years that fans loved chime in that they never would have made the CFL or would have been out in 2 if they played under 5 ratio. Your average kid coming up is not going to look at the CFL…and thus football…as a serious option. Fans will get marginally better ball…a GM will have an easier time… grassroots will die a little more

I don’t like this action but I feel it will become the new norm. These kids know the combine is a joke. They know that the Amer coaches and GMs are only there because they HAVE to be. If there was no ratio, nobody would show up at all…We need MORE Canadians in OUR league, not less ! And that includes coaches and GMs and owners.

I really enjoy watching Canadians play Canadian style football. The game will be just as exciting… There is a glut of football players from down south. If they bring in more, they will be losing me as a fan.

Cutting our own throats. Only in Canada , you say !

Some NCAA players either skip the NFL combine or participate selectively … not certain why CIS players doing the same here is any surprise or an issue … the players choose to do what they feel is of the greatest benefit to them … those who are secure in their ranking, or perhaps nursing some injury, don’t want to risk a bad performance.

I assume you are referring here to the ratio discussion in another thread, because the only “American” players that can attend the combine are Canadians who play in the NCAA … ratio discussion belongs elsewhere.

I totally get the motivation for not wanting to participate in the combine events for various reasons. Nothing wrong with that. There are many scenarios that make it perfectly understandable. The issue I have is when Hardaway has a player agree to do the combine then back out after the interviews. Right or wrong, the CFL’s policy is no combine, no interviews. Perhaps they need to set up a separate interview only event or push theinterview to after the combine events. It is a shame to see guys who really wanted to be there miss out because of such actions. We saw a few guys who were a bit under the radar/lower down rather bolster themselves during the combine this year. Asnel Robo (Global) has to have turned some heads…solid weekend. Griffith (BC) probably went from a late round pick to maybe as high as a third. Who know,…those extra one or two bodies…those guys could have done something similar…we will never know, because the event was 2 bodies light.

For me, I would actually rather see none of the top 10 or so even there. We kinda already know where they sit, give or take. I would much rather see later round guys trying to bolster their draft position.

Usports Schools have their own work out days now.

I believe the CFL combine only allows CFL coaches and scouts to be their live where a workout at a school can also have some NFL scouts.

I just think the players should have to state prior to coming whether they will be competing in the events.

They do have…thats why they get sent home if they then choose not to. I think the CFL should move the interviews to after the combine…a few benefits to that…

  • don’t do events…dont get interview
  • if it makes you decide not to go…fair enough…now someone who does want to do it can fill that spot
  • maybe someone turns your head and you weren’t anticipating it…happens every year were someone jumps up the board…maybe you weren’t interviewing them before but want to now…maybe you already were interviewing but your questions have now changed
  • similar to above…except someone showing worse than anticipated

Conversely…perhaps they could have an interview only event. There are some who focus on only other pro days and combines…perhaps they should accommodate that more