Combine Observations

I was at the evaluation camp today, and yes, it's more or less open to the public - probably because most people don't know much about it or are really that interested. I was there from the OL/DL drills to the end, so I've included some of my thoughts about a number of the top-ranked players (listed in current CFL Scouting Bureau Order)

Simeon Rottier (OL) - currently projected 1st overall. His work in some of the physical drills was fairly sloppy, and other lineman performed better. However, in the 1-on-1, he dominated his opponent each time and demonstrated why he should be a top pick. Hamilton would be foolish not to take him, and I have my doubts that the NFL will come around.

Jamal Lee (RB) - in terms of speed and agility, he is the real deal. Lightning quick and very smooth. Honestly though, he didn't seem all that impressive if the 1-on-1 or individual drills. I wonder if he's mainly benefited from his quickness rather than football skill - or maybe just a so-so day on skills. NFL might be interested - I think the Argos should pass, personally.

Matt Morencie (OL) - nothing spectacular from the combine. Nothing done poorly. I'm sure the coaches/scouts saw more than I did. Currently ranked #4 on the scouting list.

Etienne Legare (DL) - Legare is a BEAST. I think he's the best pick in the draft. The Argos would be FOOLS not to take him at #2 if the Ticats take Rottier. I think he could start in the league now.

Osie Ukwuoma (DL) - he did well but one thinks he could have done better. His 1-on-1 performance was a mixed bag, but he has a great variety of moves to confuse an OL.

Scott McHenry (WR) - he seemed to beat any kind of coverage that was thrown at him, but nothing that would extend the field. Made some dynamite grabs, though. 110% effort on every play.

Steve Myddelton (OL) - at 6'3" 289lbs he still looked TINY compared to Rottier. Myddelton was a study in contrast - he'd make an incredible stop the first time, then get beat the next. He'd do great in a drill one time, badly the next.

Matt Carter (WR) - his footwork wasn't as good as some of the less heralded receivers, and his 1-on-1 wasn't spectacular. He has great hands in a drill though.

Dylan Steenbergen (OL) - all I can clearly remember is that he got beat twice in the 1-on-1 and was very mad with himself.

Deji Oduwale (DL) - quick with good feet in the 1-on-1, drives until the very end of the play. Overall a good effort.

Mike Cornell (LB) - can't recall.

Anthony Lucka (DB) - looks brilliant in the drills, but doesn't have the greatest coverage skill in 1-on-1. Probably more suited to safety than anything, but he seemed undersized compared to the receivers.

Tamon George (DB) - he looks like a professional CB, but his performance didn't reflect it. So-so in drills, he was beat in the 1-on-1 every time and made some moves that were glaring pass interference. I don't know if he could handle import receivers.

Mathieu Brossard (DL) - good performance, worked hard on every drill and did fairly well on the 1-on-1s.


Tang Bacheyie (LB) - great pressure on the RBs during the 1-on-1 drills. If his past injuries can be avoided, should be a solid player.

Martin Bedard (TE) - really solid agility and hands for a tight end. Very hard for the DBs to handle, and seems taller than his 6'3". Decent speed.

Eric Lee (RB) - although tested as a running back, more of a fullback type. But a rarity in the CFL - a fullback that is an incredible blocker and great receiver. He stood the LBs he faced in 1-on-1 cold, and almost looked like an undersize OL - fantastic technique. He also has great hands and can catch difficult passes in tight coverage. Could be the steal of the draft.

Matt Morris (DB) - didn't seem too impressive in the drills, but once the 1-on-1s started it was a whole other story. Without a question the best coverage of any DB or LB in the combine. I think he knocked down three passes in 1-on-1, something that most of the DBs/LBs failed to do once. Physical specimen. He even led the DBs in an impromptu cheer on the sidelines before they headed out for the 1-on-1s. All heart with what seems to be natural leadership skills.

Peter Quinney (RB) - average performance in the whole combine, but I couldn't help thinking that his running style during the 40 looked like somebody asking to get injured.

Joshua Svec (WR) - doesn't look like a football player at all, but made some damn fine catches during the 1-on-1. Legs are like toothpicks though - I don't know how he'd physically hold up to the pro game.

Dee Sterling (DL) - outperformed his teammate Ukwuoma in the drills and 40. Making a name for himself to the teams.

James Allin (DB) - good job in the drills and 1-on-1, although nothing spectacular. May have had an incredible shuttle time, we didn't hear it in the bubble.

Matt Lambros (WR) - shifty and hard for the DBs to handle.

That's what I saw - overall a good experience and a chance to see at least some future stars in the league.

Thanks ! Almost as good as being there :slight_smile:


I enjoyed your break down on the players you mentioned, did you happen to see highly touted LB Tristian Black in any drills? I noticed his name was absent from your list.


My post about Black from another forum:

Tristan Black did well on the personal stats as you saw. He really isn’t that fast for a LB. He did well in the individual drills by and large. He was very good in the 1-on-1 when he had to rush the blocking backs. He was not very impressive in pass coverage - I was actually very unimpressed with that aspect. He should have been able to manage the backs he faced in coverage. So he looks like a pass rusher/blitzer, rather than a pass coverage guy.

Some guys that didn't make it to the combine but could go high in the draft:
Spencer Armstrong (Air Force): Not available until 2011 or later.

  • 40 yard Dash: 4.59 seconds (would've ranked third among receivers at the CFL E-Camp)
  • 20-yard Shuttle: 4.04 seconds (first)
  • Vertical Jump: 38" (first)
  • Broad Jump: 10' 4" (second, by ¼")
  • 3 Cone Drill: 6.67 seconds (this test isn't performed at the CFL E-Camp but, to provide a frame of reference, this is the fourth fastest time recorded at any NCAA Pro Day so far this year)

Zac Carlson (Weber State): offensive linemen from NCAA Division 1 program -- ineligable for NCAA this year.

Eric Fraser (Central Michigan): 2-year starter in Division 1 program -- recovering from broken ankle