columbo watches cfl

during a 1992 columbo movie, there is in the background a football game using footage from a sask ed game. Sask qb was number 6, Austin maybe? In the movie, the big S was referred to as Stallions but it was clear on the scoreboard who was really playing. Kind of intriguing how it was that they came to use this footage.

Same thing for a scene in Brokeback Montain.
I guess NFL is asking too much for the rights.

In the most recent season of netflix’s, “The Ranch”, Colt wears an Ottawa Redblacks t-shirt for about half the episode.

The CFL in the movies and on TV happens often enough it’s almost worthy of its own thread. Too bad we can’t post video clips here.

CFL on American TV Baltimore Stallions

It was Kent Austin (#5) and I believe they were called the Sharks. Edmonton was referred to as the Elks. It was a fictional league, but the game footage used was actual CFL footage. The story was that the Sharks QB (the actor wore a #5 jersey) was murdered.

As others have pointed out the NFL forbids their image to be shown without their approval which comes with a price if at all.

If you look closely the CFL is often shown in the background spot in many shows that want football to be a themed shot.