Colts vs Pats offenisve pass interference

To those people who are constantly putting down our CFL refs in favour of NFL reffing just have to look at the Offensive Pass interference call against the Pats on Sunday. It was a ridiculous call, and not the only one in the game.

Agree. Ok, the NFL refs are probably better and more consistent but with the amount of money they get, they should be and really, at the end of it, I don't think they are that much better compared with what they make compared with CFL refs.

The thing is when they miss a call and it gets challenged, they have a myriad of better camera angles and high definition quality to correct it. They are still human and make mistakes, but they are much more consistent than CFL officials, they also get paid way more.

Hey Dust, I think you might have answered a lingering question I was having about high-def TV's. The question is if you watch a game, same game, on a high def TV vs a standard def TV, could this mean your team wins the game rather than loses? Hmmm, could be the case, just could be the case? :wink:

Im not really sure what you mean there, but I think for instant replay it's quite noticeable when you compare HD to standard def.

Hey Dust, I'm just foolin around here. I guess the question is: if your team loses watching a standard def TV, if you watched that same game on a high def one, do they still lose? In other words, any way you cut it, the TV doesn't matter regardless of how crisp the picture is, the outcome is still the same - unfortunately. :wink:
But just to be sure, I'm going to be getting a new high def TV at some point.