Colts vs. Patriots - Great Action

What a great game between the Colts and Patriots in the NFL semifinals tonight. Down 21-3 late in the 2nd quarter, Manning sparked the comeback and lead Indy to a 38-34 win! I know the NFL can be quite boring at times, but I'm glad I stuck around to watch this one. Should be a great Superbowl in Miami on February 4th.

Seeing great football action like this makes me hardly able to wait for the CFL to return next season.:expressionless: In the meantime, I'll watch the next best thing.

Go Colts!

What a game that was. One of the best NFL games I've ever seen , right up there with the best CFL games. I was just so sure the Pats would once again win by whatever means but Manning came through with the game of his career so far. Go Colts!

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Super game, end to end action, looked like a CFL shootout in many respects.

Anyone notice in the NFL playoffs when they scan the stands, I don't see small kids like you do at CFL games, or baseball for that matter. Maybe they are there but you don't see them as everyone seems to be standing all the time? I don't know.

You really 't want to take a kid to an NFL game. These games were late games and the drunks were in full force. Plus the guys don't want to watch over there kids when they are drunk. I take my little nephew to college games, no alcohol, and much more enjoyable to the younger audience.

Not like the NFL is like Euro soccer, but I've seen a few fights there.

BTW, great game my patriots lost, but New Englanders are taking it well. Patriots are not as good as they use to be. They are still a playoff team, but this team stuck together, and we are proud of them. I still call them a dynasty. They had guys playing in this game that didn't see much time all year. I think the Chargers game got the best out of them. You could tell they didn't have anything left in the tank. Every year the Patriots seem to be in the mix, its unbelievable. Of course after a while you start to expect more.

Yes, I guess this is one aspect of NFL games that isn't so good, not really what you'd call family affairs. Unfortunate but I guess not much the league can do about it, it caters more to the type of fan we see at the games and people there know this. Fortunately, as you say, college football is an option for a father to take his kid to a game and not be exposed to the drunks as much.

Maybe ticket prices are also a factor in an NFL playoff game for kids . I don't know what they charge , but I imagine it would cost a fair buck to bring your whole family . That and maybe tickets sell out fast too.

My sister just moved from Boston to San Diego 3 weeks ago and she went to the Chargers Patriots game. She got an upper deck seat front row for $300. Pats Colts tickets were going for just over $1,000 each. If you want to take the kids to an NFL game go preseason. NFL caters to 21-40 year old men. I've been on the Patriots season ticket waiting list for 7 years. Still waiting!

And to those who say No Fun League. Watch Pats Colts game this week. Thank God for the CFL i can't wait to make my Montreal trips. We better keep Robert Edwards.

Every year the Patriots seem to be in the mix,it's unbelievable.Of course after a while you start to expect more.

Yeah I was expecting more myself,then Caldwell(he of the Marty Feldman eyes)unbelievably dropped that pass on the Colts 15.It certainly looked to me like he would've had the first down on the 3,if not a td.Then there was the too many men on the field penalty on the next possession.But the Pats were STILL in a position to win even after these gaffes.I'd just like to have seen Brady get a couple of shots at the end-zone.If he hadn't thrown that int he'd still have had about 15 seconds left,but I don't remember how many time-outs,so perhaps only one shot.Great effort by both teams!