Colts Release Shawn King.

if im not mistaken he was supose to join the cats last year after danny mac was strugling, he said hed love to come to hamilton to play? any1 think it would hurt to bring him in? he did well in preaseason for the colts

Cats added him to there Negotiation list last year and it looks like he's NFL carrer is done but the cats dont really need him maybe as a back up but my faith is in Jason Maas lets see how he does with Paopao gone.

yeh right

"Don't really need him????"

Holy crap, this offence is probably among the worst in CFL history, and in King you are talking about a NFL drafted and NFL seasoned QB with starting experience.

I will pick him up if he needs a ride!!!!

This guy is better than Printers for sure!!!

I seriously wouldnt touch this guy...

Damaged goods and he never really was that good in the NFL.

G GS Att Comp Pct Yards YPA Lg TD Int

TOTAL 34 24 738 415 56.2 4566 6.19 75 27 24

More TD’s than INT and a career 56.2% completion rate is hardly a Spurgeon Wynn in the makings.
Most of his starts came in his second year, and I am sure that he has matured since.

I will say that if we get him to sign, he will be the most talented QB that the Ticats have ever brought in.
Lets give him a chance!

More talented than Damon Allen or Matt Dunigan? Your evaluation may be a bit over the top!

Bring him in? Maybe, maybe not. I don't have a strong opinion so I'll leave it to the brass.

For all their talent Dunigan and Allen were never drafted by the NFL.

Shaun King was a second round NFL pick.

shaun king is garbage, he only did well in tampa, due to their ball control offense, all he had to do was handoff the ball and run out of the way, he also had the comfort of a lights out record setting cover 2 defense with pro bowlers like ronde barber, john lynch, simeon rice, warren sapp, derrick brooks.

If he is garbage why did he get drafted in the second round?

Why did he win the starting QB job in his second year?

How did he lead his college team to an undefeated NCAA season?

How did he become the first QB to ever rush for 100, and throw for 300 in a game?

This is a guy that was a legit fringe starter in the NFL that can run. You don't think he would make it up here?

Also the draft is all about potential and too much overhype, so dont look into the draft too much, its all about what you accomplish when you play, also getting into the nfl is one thing, but staying there is totally different and king hasnt stuck anywhere for a long time and will never be a franchise QB ever again. It was a weak draft, plus he put up big numbers, but also remember that ryan leaf got picked high and he is garbage, tim couch was the #1 overall pick and is outta the league and pure trash as a QB.

-He played at tulane and it wasnt like he faced USC, Texas, Ohio State, and Miami, every week, he played in the conference -USa which is a weak conference only known for basketball.

he became the first QB to rush for 100 and throw for 300? wow big deal, it aint like he dominated the league, jamal lewis ran for an nfl record 300+ yards in one game, and he aint even a top 10 runningback right now.