Colts release Marvin Harrison

Personally, I'm glad they released him. He should just retire. He wouldn't restrcuture his contract, but he's not worth the money anymore. Reggie Wayne passed him a few years ago.

I wish him luck, I hope he just retires. Look at Favre...

Eagles. I am guessing.

Are you guys really hurting that bad for receivers? :lol:

He is from Philly.

Oh, right. :oops: :lol: He owns a club down there, too, right? I guess it would make sense.

yeah i think he does. its where he allegedly shot that guy too lol

:lol: Forgot about that! What happened with that? I haven'y heard any news about it in a long time...

Harrison is too old, the Eagles are better off geting TJ Houch I don't know how to spell the rest. Houch says he WANTS to be an Eagle

not too much really. last i heard the guy has decided he wants to sue him :roll:

If he would take like 2 million, I would take Harrison too. Just think...

DeSean Jackson
maybe Housmanzadeh

thats not a bad trio.

But that's IF... What's he making right now? Because he wouldn't take a pay cut with the Colts. So I doubt he'd accept less with the Eagles.

He was supposed to make close to 9 million. Lets face it, nobody is going to pay him big bucks, I would be totally surprised if someone paid him 4.5 million. And you cant blame him for being mad at the Colts really, I think we all would be. I would play for less in my home if offered the opportunity.

Why should he be mad at the Colts? They wanted him to take a paycut for the good of the team. Peyton didn't complain a couple years ago when he restructured his contract to help out the Colts. Harrison isn't bigger than the team.

If he signs with the Eagles for $2 million, then he's just an idiot...

Because his contract was so back loaded. And Peyton didnt take less money, I believe they literally restructured it.

pride comes before the fall

This is another example of a former elite player not realizing that the game has passed them buy and having a big enough ego to tell their team that i'm still the best and i'll prove it to you only to fall on their face. ex Montana in KC, James in Arizona, Farve in NY, Or Roger Clemons after any team he played for after Toronto.

You almost have to feel bad for the players because theyre hyped up to market the league when they're at their prime but as soon as their no longer needed they're cast away. I know they are ridiculously compensated for this but its still got to be hard on a guy.

I dont know if you could count Edgerrin James there. He left for the huge contract…

I was refering to this off season where james (on arizona who had the worst rush attack in the league) thinks he still a number one back and expects to be treated as so. Not to when he left Indy a few years ago....he was still a top back back then.

OK well even then it's different. The Cardinals are going to release because there is no way they are going to pay him $5,000,000 for being #2. He just wants to be cut now so he can find a new job.