Colts reciever Austin Collie born in Hamilton!

Am watching the Colts Ravens game and thought Austin Collie's last name was familiar.Turns out his dad played for the Ticats in the early 80's as a slot reciever and Austin Collie was born here.He just scored a TD as I am posting this!?

So is he an import or non-import for the Colts? :wink:

8) If you are right about this, then his father would have been Scott Collie, who played a couple of years for the Cats in
 the early 80's.

 Scott Collie was an import slotback, and a pretty good one, as a matter of fact !!

Colts say he was born in California says he was born in Hamilton ,son of Scott Collie who played for the Tiger cats in the 80 s

The NFL page also says he was born in Hamilton:

[url=] ... =COL397342[/url]

Looks like the Colts page must be wrong. Maybe he wants to run for president one day, so he tells people he was born in California :slight_smile:

I'm surprised the CFL did not dig this up, and draft him.

Interesting...I didn't know that about him.

I had him on my fantasy football team this season, though. Very solid player.

I assume that Austin didn't live in Canada long enough to qualify as a non-import.

This is from

A player who was physically resident in Canada for an aggregate period of seven years prior to attaining the age of fifteen years qualifies as a non-import player.