Colts Pre-season Game

For those of you who are intereseted about Kenton Keith, check this out.

As most of you know, Kieth is starting to lose hie chance because of injuries, however, he shceduled to play tonight in a preseason game against the Bears. Its on at 6:oo pm Sask. time on TSN.

Looks like he made a 9 yard and a 7 yard run. Not bad considering, but he only got two carries.
At the start of the season I wanted him back.
Now, I just wish him luck and I hope he makes the squad.

He also had a kick return, the Colts will be looking at him as a returner and maybe a back-up running back.

Given the VERY limited reps he got, he's lost the #2 job to DeDe Dorsey (who didn't look that bad), now they have to decide whether he or that #30 they drafted get placed on the practice roster.

The game speed, even against second stringers, is so evident - he looked very normal last night.

yeah, i agree. i think he had 2 or 3 kick returns, 2 or 3 runs, but his best play was when he caught a screen pass and made a few nice moves in the open field.
And was it just me, or did it look as if he bulked up a bit?

No it's not you....he looked heavier, thicker. He did the same thing when he tried out for the Jets. That may be a part of why he looked slower....The first time he came back up here he took weeks to lose that extra 15-20 pounds and round into the player we were used to.

He is up to about 215.
He was likely never over 205 when he was here.
Anyway, I missed the first quarter so I didn't see him play.
But the local news showed highlights and he had 2 runs, a pass and a kick return that all showed some promise.
The fact he got to play in the 1st quarter with the 1st stringers bodes well for him.
De De Dorsey didn't do much--5 carries for 8 yards. He had some receiving yards, but mostly late in the game against the Bears 3rd stringers.
And the other guy fumbled a kick return.
So overall, it is tough to tell, but I don't think KK hurt himself out there.
Let's see if he plays next week...

personally i don't think DeDe looked that amazing. However if its only between KK and that #30 KK better be a little worried. Even though KK only had 2 runs, #30 (W.E. his name is) looked pretty good overall (except that fumble which didn't seem to be ALL his fault).

A little off topic but . . . Does anybody know why he isn't on the NFL Colts Madden 08 roster?

Yeah i noticed that too. So what i did was i took that rookie they drafted and changed him to KK. I don't know who it was they didn't give him a name, they just called him player #30 on the game.

Yeah I know. Me too. What the Hell?