Colts or Bears?

Who is going to win the Super Bowl? I say Colts by 14, that little 5'8" safety for the Colts is going to make it a long day for Grossman I think.

I pick Colts also , Manning vs Grossman , that is a clear advantage for Indie. That little safety , Sanders may only be 5-8 but he looks to be all muscle for sure . Ya he's real good , but he seems to be hurting somewhat.
I sure do want to see the Colts win for Manning's sake .

It has very little to do with Grossman vs Manning. It has to do with Manning vs the Bears defence, and vice versa.

They don't ask Gropssman to win games for them, and I think he has done an alright job with what they ask him to do.

Should be an alright game, If Indy doesn't turn the ball over like New Orleans did they should win.

Brings up the age old argument, does defense win you championships? Can The Bears defense shut down Manning? Can Chicago run against Indys poor run defense?

I think the importance of a good QB comes into play here. I'll go out on the limb and predict Indianapolis by 11.

Bears for me.

I cannot go against my team, a team who I have cheered for since I was 4 way back in the Walter Payton days (now there was a running back, one of the greatest ever).

Manning has been prone to turnovers this play-offs and that will hurt him against the Bears who seem to flock towards the ball.

Da Bears!

Yes I know that Billy , that is stating the obvious . But QB's are still a factor and the Colts got a much better one to face the Chicago D than Vice versa . I hope that clarifies that for you enough .

I'm pulling for the Colts all the way, especially after seeing that sign posted on the other thread.

The Bears are so enthusiastic,confident,rambunctious,and explosive that with their ST'S and D alone they could easily be up by 2 td's before they even get a 1st down.....but they won't be!! Colts 31 Bears 16

im sick of the mannings, id even say da bears over -uke !

The center of the Bears defence is going to make the Colts look very ordinary. Most teams try to stay with Peyton, Marvin and the boys offensively, but the Bear just plain ol' beat you and by the end of the game, you've seen everything: Defence,SPECIAL TEAMS, Rushing, Deep threats, and those turnovers!