Colts Activate Giguere

According to an Associated Press article on the National Post website this afternoon, the Indianapolis Colts have activated wide receiver Sam Giguere, a 2008 draft choice of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, for their final regular season game against the Buffalo Bills this Sunday in Buffalo:

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Best of luck to Sam Giguere for some playing time and success his first NFL regular season game.

He better produce. The Colts have kept him around a long time. This is the chance he's been waiting for.

He’s only 24. He’s got another year. They say he will play at some point. They are now thinking about signing Cory Greenwood.

Will the game be televised?


To be clear, WGRZ is reporting that the game will be available in the Buffalo area, but it won't be on that station. It's an NBC affiliate and I believe CBS has the rights.

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I’ll pass on wasting 3 hours of my life just to watch Sammy return a kick off or 2.

Painter has to be the worst qb in the entire NFL.

But he could be a Good CFL QB I think we own his CFL Rights

What makes you think he could be a good cfl qb? He cant scramble to save his life, cant read defence blitz, IMHO Ticats would be better with a CIS qb prospect than a nfl backup.RE_ "But he could be a Good CFL QB " are you trying to hurt ticket sales? O. K. :twisted:

GO SAMMY!!! WOOT!! STARTING WR FOR NOW haha :slight_smile: always good to see a canuck playin in the NFL, even if we could use him more!

He has not caught a Ball but has been on KR
with 5 KIck Returns avg 24 yards Long was 36
Bills winning 30-7 1:55 Left.

FInal no catches as a WR

He needs to sign here ...

If this is true Obie had better burn his rights asap.

What makes you think he'd be good in the CFL? A good NFL QB doesn't even necessarily make a good CFL QB by default. This guy seems completely inept, so much so that its hard to blame his supporting cast.

I only watched a few minutes with Giguere at (left) wide receiver and he did not impress.

He looked lazy and slow in missing a block on a run to his side and the back was tackled for a loss.

He dropped a quick look-in "4th and 3" pass that appeared to be right in the bread basket, though it was hard to tell if the DB (in close coverage) broke up the play or it was just a dropped pass.

Too bad his only chance to impress was in a meaningless game with the second-string offence and in terrible weather. Hard to evaluate a player well in those circumstances, but that's the way it goes sometimes. His returns were generally ok given the conditions, though he did let a kick get by him that went into the end zone... it didn't seem like it was intentional, more that it bounced past him and he chased it. I don't know what impact this may have for his future there.

By being placed on the active roster, Sam would have made about 17,000 this week rather than the 5200 he gets as a practice squad player. He also gets credit toward an NFL pension by playing in a regular season game, but has a loooong way to go before he qualifies to collect. Sam is eligible to spend one more year on a practice roster before he must make an active roster or get released and waived out of the league. He is chasing his dream so good luck to him, but the longer he waits will make it harder for him to have a long and productive CFL career, IMHO.

I can appreciate that point of view due to his lack of game experience, but when you consider how "raw" he was described as being coming out of college, I think that working with a highly respected organization and practicing with and against high caliber players will be a positive for him no matter where he ends up. If he had jumped into a role with the Cats when he was drafted, he might have picked up more CFL-oriented "tricks of the trade" by now, but he'd probably not get the same kind of oversight, discipline and correction of bad habits that he's probably been getting with the Colts.


Instead of coming in the CFL as a Special team tackler he will come in fighting for a starting position and starting return man.

Despite Onknight's expert eval. :lol: Looks like they are considering using him for the playoff !

Jim Caldwell : " He did a great job. He performed well in all aspects of our ST units. It is obvious he can return kicks. We will evaluate his situation this week.