Colt David

I agree with LeStaff that Colt David should play the next Al game- even if Duval will have to sit out the game. After which the 2011 training camp will decide the issue of kicking. In addition, the Als scouts should look very carefully at the CIS kickers. It would be best if there is another Luca Congi available in the 2011draft! I did examine the CIS kicking stats a while back. I can't remember the names but, there were a couple of kickers with good stats.

Interesting study below on the CFL website on kickers and shows the rough season Duval is having.
He has not improved over the years and in any given game you just dont what you will get. And the key to a good kicker is consistency. Sam Swank the other kicker the Als brought in had a stronger leg than David but was apparently not as accurate. Also see where Edmonton has claimed Jason Medlock after trading Prefontaine. Dont see any upside in replacing a Canadian with an import.

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Duval is 53 percent over 40 yards, like I said "a coin toss". No coach wants to toss a coin two to six times a game not for that kind of money, when two NI rookies making league minimum are outplaying a six figure import you got to LOOK at options.

David aura encore la chance de se faire valoir cette fin de semaine. On verra s'il peut dégager en puissance.

Kicking has for many years been a NI function!

Still is but Jim has been so good at recruiting NI talent that the Als have had the luxury to go with the best guy available. I think the kicker is the second most important position on a CFL team.

Time for me to say a rather ungracious but well deserved “I told you so”?

It was admittedly an important and well-timed coffin-corner" punt at the end of the game

Otherwise…Colt David vs Winnipeg:

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Bon, on a vu ce qu'on voulait voir de Colt David. Un jeune avec de belles qualités, mais qui en a encore à apprendre sur le métier et qui doit ajouter de la puissance dans sa jambe.

Une mauvaise partie ne fait pas une carrière, comme une bonne partie ne fait pas une carrière non plus. Mais cette contreperformance a su remettre certaines choses en perspective concernant à la fois David et Duval.

Avec du travail, David peut s'améliorer. Est-ce que Duval peut encore en faire autant et revenir à son efficacité d'avant? Espérons-le.