Colt Brennen

Colt Brennan had awful SR Bowl .
Mike Mayock who dose NFL Draft Analysis for the NFL Network
1st thought be 6 or 7 Round pick
He Said after the SR Bowl think Teams won't Touch Him.

We should Pick up CFL Brennans Rights now .

The NFL network anylists are a bunch of jokes, Colt will be a first round pick for sure, no way he ends up in Canada.

The SR bowl means nothing, these analysts just try and push these stupid games and act like it's the end of the world because they have nothing else to talk about. It's either they talk about this or Tom Brady's mysterious injury for 10 hours a day. There can't be a more pointless job on this earth then working for the NFL network.

this guy is the re-incarnation of Timmy Chang. some how, Hawaii keeps finding these QB's who put up great numbers but look crap when it matters. We don't need another Timmy Chang.

He look awfull in the Sugar Bowl
Remind me of Footsteps Felco from The Replacements
He not a NFL QB

This guy is the real deal, I have seen him play a few times the last 2 years and every time he'd march his team up and down the field like nothing, he goes through his reads like a machine gun, has a quick release and can make tough throws, has a great arm. The guy is not Timmy Chang and is not going to get passed over at the draft.

I watched most of the Senior Bowl coverage on the NFL Network. Brennan had some problems during practice making throws outside the numbers. His quick release is going to help compensate for that in getting the ball off down the middle of the field, but I'm not sold on him running out of a spread offense in the NFL because of that. He might be able to develop into a West Coast offense QB with continued work on his footwork and working from under center.

Brennan has worked almost exclusively out of the shotgun under June Jones's system in Hawaii. In some respects, he's custom made for the CFL. His accuracy with the deep ball needs work, particularly on throwing outs. Mike Martz of the 49ers did a lot of coaching with him over the week and he seems to be very coachable. He's mobile enough that if he can get his timing down in the pros, moving the pocket will help the kid out to compensate for any shortcomings on throwing sideline to sideline.

He's a project, not unlike Chang. Like Timmy, he's seen plenty of bullets running the run-and-shoot. It's early to tell. Joe Flacco of Delaware will be one too, I think...but the guy has a Ralph Brock circa 1975 kind of arm -- Bishopesque without the propensity of throwing into triple coverage just because he can. Brennan might benefit from more of hype from his NCAA record exploits, but this kid Flacco has a GUN for an arm and would be able to make any throw in the CFL with the right tutelage.

An interesting Senior Bowl for me, more for the chance to watch the coverage and practices and Lane Kiffin's Raider logo allergy day after day. LOL :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

He is not a first round pick at all. Lucky to be a first day pick and may not even crack the draft at all.

I have watched Colt Brennan every chance i have gotten. I can say that after the Sugar Bowl and his Senior Bowl performance there is no way he's a first round pick. 3rd or later is where he'll be drafted.

An NFL team is going to take a chance on him but how long he stays there is the question.

The Senior Bowl means an awful lot actually. This is the most important of all the college all star games. Every NFL team had scouts and executives at this game.

Yes, don't confuse the Senior Bowl with the Sugar Bowl. In the Sugar Bowl, he got killed. Was it him, or the Offensive Line?
See for yourselves....
YouTube - Colt Brennan's Nightmare:

Cheers, the Eagle :thup: :thup: :thup:

I didn't watch that game, but from what I saw that line made ours look about as good as new englands.

That's what happens when you never run the ball.

No way Colt Brennan will be a first rounder, teams might take a chance on him in 6th or 7th round. At 185lbs they will be mopping him up with a sponge after the first hit by a NFL LB or DE. He has a small frame so he will be unable to put on a lot of weight. His weak arm stems from his small/skinny frame. Anybody remember Ty Detmer or David Klingler? How about their stellar NFL careers? They both passed for huge yards and TD's in college but against weak competition so those stat were bloated. Brennan is just one more of those type of guys.

Wait a minute - didn't Ty Detmer win a Super Bowl, then he fell off the face of the map?? Is he still playing? With whom??

The Eagle :roll: :roll: :roll:

As far as I can remember Detmer did not win a Superbowl.

I think he was the backup on Eagles when Pats Won.

We already have a bust from Hawaii, why are we talking about another one?

As far as I can remember Detmer did not win a Superbowl.
I think he was the backup on Eagles when Pats Won.
That was Koy not Ty.