Colt Brennan

Here's an article about Colt Brennan.... Mentions his short time as a Rider

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Also mentions that Taman owes him tape from his try out.

does he really owe him anything?

IMO, yes. Taman wanted to see what Colt could do, knowing that he had not played in a while, he wanted to give the kid a chance for a rebirth. Why should that change...complete what you set out to a chance. It really is unfortunate, because he is a heck of a QB. I hope he lands somewhere.

I Agree. This is his chosen career and it's no skin off Tamans nose to get his video team to put the tape together. Who knows maybe he will be back one day? Always leave on good terms.

If he had done his homework with his playbook better I would think it would be more deserved. This is his chosen career as was said, and I dont think anybody owes him anything, really. I was pulling for him though, I thought for sure he would be the primary back-up heading into camp. When he was at Hawaii I thought then he would be a good CFL quarterback.