Colt Brennan signed

Riders have signed QBs Colt Brennan and Drew Willy

Brennan was a Heisman Trophy finalist in 2007 during his senior season at Hawaii. In his three years at the school, Brennan broke a number of records, including the NCAA Division I record for most touchdowns in a single season with 58 and NCAA record for highest pass completion percentage (70.4%). He holds a total of 31 NCAA Division I records. His other honours included being named the WAC Offensive Player of the Year twice and was named to the First-team All-WAC in two consecutive seasons.

sounds like some of his struggles to make it in the NFL were due to a bad car accident a couple years back when he ended up in critical condition with multiple fractures and a head injury.

It is a little surprising he has not caught on somewhere in the NFL as a 3rd stringer or something. Looks like he has some potential.

Great signing, looks great, hopefully the accident didn't affect him too much and he can come in and press Cole for the #2 spot, and maybe somewhere soon put some more pressure on DD, as I think he plays better with pressure!

Video someone else provided on the main forum shows quite a side arm throwing motion. He'll need to work on that.

aloha roughriders,

happy to hear that Colt Brennan was signed. Hawaii has a loyal fan base and I am sure you will see a few others come on board

Colt Brennan's greatest strength was accuracy. He operated out of the run n shoot under June Jones.

He had a near perfect season in our mid-tier D1 conference. Hawaii got run over in the Sugar Bowl by an angry Georgia team.

Colt is a gamer that is not afraid to get hit and can be expected to both aggressive and accurate. He will be gunning for the starting job, If he can settle in to your system (I haven't follow your team or CFL so I still need to be enlightened), but you may have a real gem.

Aloha and welcome to all Hawaii fans to the Rider site. If he makes the team you'll find out that he is playing for a team that has the smallest market in the CFL, the best and by far most loyal fans in the League and as such makes the most profit in the league of any team and sell more merchandise then all the other teams in the league combined. Welcome aboard.

CRAP!!!! I'm a longtime UH Warriors fan (and Stamps fan). I've seen Colt play live over a dozen times - I'll never forget the win over Washington in '07 (his last home game) - down by 21 at the half, he led them back to win. Crazy game. He should have won the Heisman that year. While I'm stoked to see him in the CFL (he was made for the CFL game), I just wish he was in red and white. Great signing. Best of luck Colt.

The tings that concerned me were in his videos he stared down his targets, and he has a tendancy to studder step to the pocket edge and pass over the middle. that pass does not work in the CFL. In 11 man ball the middle is often left more open than 3 down ball, but that is by all means something that can be worked on...he is playing to a weakness in the D and I can not fault him for that...just hope it is a tendancy that can be broken.

I like the fact that he has a bullet pass to the flats, and he seems very accurate 30 yards down field, and delivers with fairly brisk passes.

There are a pile of QBs that come out of system teams such as UH. Hopefully he is one that sticks. Just wish he was a couple years younger.

ALOHA, longtime Hawaii Warriors fan here, judging by some of the post there is some concern about Colt and I'm here to tell you that there is no cause to concern, Colt is a winner. Beside Dan Marino he is the most accurate QB I've ever seen. He just has a knack of putting the football exactly where it needs to be, in other words HE'S DEADLY ACCURATE! Here's something to think about, during the 2008 NFL combine Colt was the only QB to have a PERFECT score in the passing drills. During the NCAA QB challenge guess who the accuracy competition, you've guessed it Colt Brennan. So believe me when I tell you that you got a really good QB in Colt, I'm a new Roughrider fan now so good luck in the season.

Welcome Papolo, and any other Hawaii fans out there! I'm hoping for big things from Colt, I hope, and judging by his interviews he will, come up here with the right attitude, and I think he understands it will take a year or two to understand this game, as for a QB it is really difficult when you put that 12th man out there! I think Colt will be a great player in this league if he just takes his time to adjust and works hard with Darian and Khari to better understand the game!

If course I wish the guy the best. Admittedly I was not a big fan of his NCAA achievements.He has had his "second chance"and seemed to embrace life in Hawaii, to his credit.I am not sure if he is the answer to DD.

Colt Brennan broke Timmy Chang's records at Hawaii, proving that Chang was nothing but the beneficiary of a brilliant June Jones offense in a second tier conference. Chang was one of the WORST QBs I've ever seen in the CFL even though he was so highly touted as having mobility and CFL skills.

Colt had trouble delivering balls wide to the field in that bowl game where Hawaii got asswhooped by Stafford's Georgia Bulldogs and a Canadian field as we know is even wider.

Colt has had all sorts of off field trouble as well.

I'm not sure why any CFL GM would be interested in him. I suppose I could be wrong.

Hyperbole much?

I agree that Chang was not a very good QB, certainly didn't live up to the hype. . . but to say he's one of the worst, well I think that's a bit over the top. I wouldn't rank him down there along with Ted White, Pat Crowley, Mike McMahon, and that sort.

The only trouble Colt had was in Colorado and for your info it turned out that the girl lied about being raped, he was only charged with burglary so what other trouble you're talking about? As far as the Sugar Bowl, Colt's O-Line was non-existant so he had absolutely no time to throw the football. If you go back and look at the video you will see that Colt has no problem throwing the football. The kid threw 131 TDs in 3 years, you can't dispute that.

the footage I have seen, I thought he delivered to the flats pretty well actually. Great velocity, keeps under 3ft loft. Seeing how a QB responds to the wider flats is alwys a big deal when coming to the CFL. Colt seems to have ample arm strength to do so though...time will tell.

Hey there, PAPOLO_LOCO sounds like a pretty passionate fan... maybe he was meant to be born in Saskatchewan. I am hoping that Colt will work out well. I thought he had a bit of an odd throwing motion when I watched some highlights as well, but his stats sure seem great.

I am glad we brought in some new blood, because I don't think anyone would disagree that Dinwiddie wasn't exactly in danger of stealing the number one spot. We might as well have someone who might be able to get it done for us in the future, rather than just someone to fill in and squeak by for a game or two.

I think all of rider nation was annoyed that Bergquist didn;t get a decent shot at the end of the year last year.

I find it difficult not to mention Dog the Bountry Hunter, knowing that some new followers from Hawaii are on the forum. LOL

On peut voir, à mesure que les années se succèdent, que les performances dans la NCAA ne sont pas nécessairement garantes des performances au niveau professionnel. Il y a bon an, mal an, 50 000 joueurs universitaires qui aspirent à devenir professionnels, et il y a bon an, mal an, entre 250 et 500 de ceux-ci qui trouveront un poste dans une équipe professionnelle. C'est donc dire que le niveau professionnel est une grande marche au-dessus du niveau universitaire.

J'avais fondé certains espoirs en Chris Leak, qui avait montré des signes intéressants, mais le fait est qu'il a été incapable de suivre la mesure. Pourtant, Leak avait une feuille de route universitaire très intéressante.

Brennan a de belles qualités, mais le développement d'un quart-arrière de la LCF est un projet à moyen terme, et il faut du doigté pour le mener à bien. De ce côté, les Roughriders ont réussi à développer un jeune quart très intéressant en Durant. Je ne vois pas pourquoi ils ne pourraient pas bien développer Brennan aussi.

Cela dit, quelque soit le quart, il me semble qu'il faudra au moins un autre receveur de qualité pour donner à Durant les outils dont il a besoin. Certes, Bagg, Dressler et Getzlaf en sont, mais l'attaque des Roughriders aurait idéalement besoin de deux cibles menaçantes de plus. Baker, Wheelright et Hill ne se sont pas encore tout à fait montrés à la hauteur de ce critère. Espérons pour les Roughriders qu'un de ceux-là ou de leurs nouveaux prospects pourront éclore cette année. Durant en a besoin pour ouvrir le terrain et devenir ainsi plus efficace avec ses jambes.

Totally agree...just hope that his age does not go against him. Developing a QB already in his late 20s is questionable

With what? If you could be so kind to translate for some of us.

Basically, what LeStaf has stated is that in previous years NCAA performance does not guarentee/nesseccarily translate into the same success ate a pro level, and that there are ~50,000 college football players who aspire to play pro, and really only 250 to maybe 500 opennings per year in ALL of the pro leagues combined.

LeStaf then points out that many, including himself (sorry, assuming you are a man) had big hopes for Chris Leak but his career is likely over, even though he had very promising potential heading into a pro level.

Brennan has some good qualities but devloping a QB in the CFL is a medium term project (hense my comment) that not all have the skill set for. The Riders have managed to develop DD and perhaps can do the same with Brennan.

LeStaf then points out that the Riders still likely need one more top notch proven receiver to make DD or any QB tuly effective, though Baker Hill or wheeleright may be the answer, but have had a very short time span to try to live up to that potential and are still developing themselves, and perhaps that will happen more this season. DD needs to have a better ground game and use his legs more effectively (this will loosen up coverage).

.........that is the basics of the French is a bit shaky so I don't want to do a word for word translation.