Coloured to Conquer in CFL Attire!

Having been blessed with so much good fortune in life, I decided to give something back to the community last year by adding my efforts to combat the specter of cancer which continues to afflict far too many Canadians. Unlike so many other diseases whose ravages have been substantially tamed by the advances in modern medicine over the last hundred years, a cure for cancer has to this point proven elusive.

Accordingly I elected to participate in the Colour to Conquer fundraising campaign for cancer research and had my hair coloured a bright vibrant neon blue! I provided my contributors with full value for their support by keeping my hair that way well into July. I ended up as the sixth top fund raiser in Canada last year. Moreover my Rainbow Unicorn team was the #1 fund raising team.

Being part of the Advisory Cabinet for the Colour to Conquer campaign this year, I’ve had to redouble my efforts. I’ve more than retained my title as the boldest broker on Bay Street this year with an even wilder dye job. Below are two pictures from this year with several Argonaut, Blue Bomber and other jersey shots from last year for comparison’s sake. (Between my spouse and I we have about forty CFL jerseys all proudly displaying a Radically Canadian patch.)

So if you’re impressed with either the commitment I’ve demonstrated to this cause or my unwavering dedication to Canadian football and are inclined to offer some support to my campaign, let me know by replying in this thread or sending me a PM. I’ll provide you with a link through which you can make a contribution.

Thanking you in advance for your generosity! All donations go to fund the cancer research program at Princess Margaret Hospital which is one of the top five cancer research institutes in the world. Our common goal is to conquer cancer in our lifetimes.


I know we don’t always see eye to eye but this is awesome! I’d be happy to contribute.

Great stuff Baltic. I have been giving to cancer campaigns this year as I lost my younger sister this past December to pancreatic cancer. Yes cancer is something that most if not all of us have experienced directly or indirectly in one way or another.

And cancer is informing neuroscience and neurdegenerative diseases as this article mentions which is becoming more important as society ages with the baby boomers getting older.

All very tough with so many issues.

Neuroscience is the Next Oncology

Immuno-oncology is the area of cancer research that I find particularly exciting/intriguing. Immuno-oncologyrefers to finding ways to induce your own body’s immune system to attack the cancer. That’s what has happened in the “spontaneous remission” cases about which we hear on occasion.

The problem is that cancer cells have a way of disguising themselves as a proper part of your body so that your immune system does not recognize the cancer as a malignant invader. What immuno-oncology does is in effect strip away cancer’s disguise so that the cancer is attacked and destroyed by your own body’s immune system.

That’s how Bristol Myer’s Opdivo and Yervoy drugs and Merck’s Keytruda drug do their work. Needless to say, it would be a real godsend if more and better ways can be found to utilize your own bodies immune defense mechanisms against cancer.

That really blends well with the Blue Jerseys you own .

Great cause and your a good sport for being able to colour the hair neon blue for the cancer campaign .

Not brave enough myself to do that .

The medium neon blue shade from the jersey photos actually looks to be my colour. It just seems right for me. Maybe it goes with my eyes?

When the little boy next door asked his father why I have blue hair, my response was “Because nobody can tell me I can’t!”


So my Rainbow Unicorn Team was the #1 fund raising team for the second year in a row and as an individual I finished as the sixth top fund raiser in Canada out of nearly 1700 participants. I’m a bit disappointed though since I was also sixth last year and I really wanted to crack the top three. The number of participants this year was 2.5x higher than last year though so by that yardstick anyway I did better.