Colour of CFL Grandstands

With most CFL stadiums being half full at best( Edmonton only get 5% capacity now) it dawns on me watching today's game in Montreal that having dark grandstands hides the fact that there is only 10k in the building. Calgary draws 15k and all you see is blue and red empty seats. Obviously Edmonton is the most glaring, where you see 55000 green and yellow seats, with a couple or 3000 people sitting in just a light sprinkle in the stands, with a few more in the concourses.
The CFL id gong to have to adapt with the times and make their games more TV friendly.
Making the place not seem so emplty like Montreal is the way to do it I believe.
The horns atleast add crowd noise considering how small the crowd is.


Don't know if it is still this way, but a few years ago Ottawa had a random, almost camouflage, pattern of three different colours with the idea that at a glance it wouldn't show empty seats as easily.

Have you seen the abominable weather for Elks home games too this year?

Well this week will be a trye test to see how many diehards the Elks have. Not that many moons ago this game would draw 50k.. Yes alot of those tickets were freebees handed out to school kids, but the Elks big promotion tgis year was free tuckets for kids.. If an actual 10k(I dont believe attendance figures) show up, it will be the biggest crowd of the season.

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Is it just me, or did the Montreal crowd fill in after half time?

Elks announced 26k.. Lmao. How can a stadium with empty seats at nud field clain to be half full?

Reporting "sales", which may include giveaways, rather than bums in seats?

Really? I did not know that. I thought you Elks Fans weren't showing up in great numbers at Commonwealth due to hunting season.

When I used to go to games we used to try and guess the size of the crown and were always low. 26K sounds about right to me as the side they don't show (west) is the place to sit so you don't bake in the sun.

Plus - the place is a barn. Online says 56K capacity but its closer to 70K. Concerts hold like 100K+ Which is why all the big bands skip Calgary and come here. Same for indoor concerts. Saddledome is sadly small and sound is awful. they really need some sound treatments in there like Rodgers Place has.

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I don't think Rogers Place (or the Saddledome) has anything to do with Commonwealth Stadium where the Esks play.

McMahon doesnt have concerts because it is owned by the university, and they have a 9pm noise bylaw. The Elks hace been drawing flies for years now with Terry Jones stating that tbe final game of the 2019 season drew 6000 spectators. Things have only gotten much worse since. Apparently a game this year only had about 2000 people at it.


Maybe they could get Slipknot to turn down the volume after 9:00 PM to accommodate the noise bylaw. I've heard that when they're not strung out on drugs, booze or solvents, they're super considerate.

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