Colour Casey Printers ... 'Ready' ?

CHML has just reported - that Printers has been in pain for the last three years with a toe injury and has just had surgery four weeks ago, and is now 'ready to go and get rollin''.

It was actually Printers himself that said that.

Also he said he finished the season (believe he said) he said, with a broken finger, a hamstring pull, etc. etc.

Boy oh boy! ... what next!

The full interview is available on CHML's website (

Rookies aside I doubt there isnt a player in pro football that doesnt play without some level of consistent pain or without a recurring injury .

Wow, a football player playing hurt?

Just wouldnt be without somebody trying to stir up doubt. :roll:

Heres hoping Casey and Marcel B can work together at a high level.

do u have a link?

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I hope Casey comes to play because he will have Richie breathing down his neck.

i hope casey has an MVP type year and leads the ticats to a winning season, and deep into the playoffs.

with casey, jesse, zeke, nick and jason armstead, im excited for this upcomming ticat season....just waiting on the schedule now.

Maas came as damaged goods
Now Printers is damaged goods

I pray to the Lord above every nite that he returns to his 04 form but in reality, if he doesn't, I save 25% next year!!! HAHAHA but seriously he had better be in shape and know the playbook.

as I,ve said in the past this season will start
out SLOW, It will take a while to get everyone
our the same page and playing up to par.


Anything or anyone can throw better hurt then Maas could!Printers is way better then Maas and shouldnt be put in the same sentance!Printers will be fine with a training camp under his wing here!

i have a similar injury, it is very painful. I have dislodged a ligament in my right big toe, and haven't been able to walk on my right foot properly for 2 years. I've played a season since with the injury, and I'm having surgery in August.

please remember than in another forum maas was compared to printers and believe it or not, maas was better, with maas the expectations were way to high and the cats put him in an unwinnable situation, i'm glad he's back in Edmonton

yea, doin what jason does best....hiding in Ricky Rays shadow, and getting paid well to do so.

Hey ALL, time for a little PERSPECTIVE …

Casey Printers, SIMPLY put, is the FINEST ATHLETE this city can pay to watch - LIVE, in their own backyard, PERIOD. He is ONE of the FINEST athletes in the ENTIRE CFL !!!

When he left the league 3 years ago, he did so as the MOP !!! …

In those 2 seasons he was gone, Casey was NOT on vacation drinking MaiTai’s and sunning his buns on the beach !!! … He was busy PLYING his trade as a PROFESSIONAL QB in the NFL!!! Receiving NFL Coaching, and PRACTICING against NFL caliber players !!!

Any Ticat FAN, with a THUMBNAIL FULL worth of APPRECIATION for Professional ATHLETES would be ABSOLUTELY beside themselves to get a Season’s worth of Tickets to watch this MAN PLAY !!!

ANYONE complaining about the season ticket hike needs to GIVE their HEAD a SHAKE … and REALIZE that it is not a COINCIDENCE that it comes in the first year of Casey’s $500, 000 / year contract !!! DUH !!!

At his BEST, Casey Printers is a BARGAIN - even at an INCREASE of 57% !!!

It’s timee for the City of Hamilton, and most of the people around HERE - to buy a Fr-Eakin CLUE !!! Then you might realize how GOOD you got it with the Ticats !! The FUTURE is BRIGHT, and it STARTS NOW !!!

Get on the TRAIN folks … it’s PULLING OUT SOON !!!


Heeeyyyyy...... Is that you Casey?

slow clap

VERY well said!

Dude, please try to post with a little more consideration for the reader.

I understand you may be trying to stress certain issues, information, or points, but what you are really doing is detracting from the impact of the statement you are making by making the readers’ eye focus on certain words.

I hope you don’t take offence. I’m trying to constructively help you understand how other people read your posts. When thinking back on what you’ve written all that stands out is things like:


And I’ve completely lost the point of your post. Sorry bud, I hope you can take this in good spirit.



You obviously have not met Mean before then, that is his MO, he likes to CAPITALIZE random WORDS to make a point, that is his MO, don't try to CHANGE him, or even reason about it, you certainly aren't the 1st one, and no doubt won't be the last one, just enjoy his posts and look BEYOND the capitals, there is usually a good message there... USUALLY!!!

I can live with that~! hell, now that i know! hope i don't look like a jerk, 'cause i wasn't tryin to be.

i did get some key points from mean's post though.