Colorful Slip or Parting Shot?

Submitted after the Eric Tillman press conference in Regina, announcing that Danny Barrett would not be returning to the Riders as their coach...

Barrett to Hamilton as Head Coach?
Not likely.

How about to Toronto as Associate Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator?
Danny is very close friends with Pinball - that has possibilities.

Now a third option... from Barrett himself.
Speaking at the press conference announcing his firing in Regina, Barrett made this comment to the fans:
"...continue to support the red & white - er, I mean the green and black."

Was this simply a slip-of-the-tongue, or a parting jab at the Riders from Barrett who may be in conversation with the Calgary Stampeders about their Assistant Head Coach / Offensive Coordinator job?

Barrett got the best out of Burris, and Calgary would be as good a fit as Toronto... especially if he wants to remain in the West and/or continue living in Regina - as has been speculated.

Coincidence, or not?
Time will tell. :wink:


Gimme a break.
COLORFUL is just fine thanks.
BTW - I also use Labor Day - just to annoy anal people like you.

Hahaha!! Nice.

I'd rather DB NOT come to Hamilton.

Their is huge merit to your point regarding the Calgary opportunity Charger 27.

weird, all this time i've been using colourful just because its proper english..... freaky...

I believe the quote was ``Continue to show your red, white or red and black . . . sorry, green and white or green and black. I've got Cincinnati on my mind, I'm sorry. Continue to show your support for this organization.''
Apparently Barrett played for the Cinci Bearcats, and was considered for the head coaching position there three years ago. Mark Dantonio was hired, but he's leaving to coach at Michigan State. Cincinnatti wants to hire a new head coach right away to start recruiting work.
So maybe Barrett's thinking about going back to university.

Or do you mean "people like yo"? :wink: