Colon - Not So Sweet

Gilles Colon is getting a hard lesson in the art of negotiation.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers receiver figured everything was hunky dory when GM Brendan Taman approached him with a contract offer last September.

Fast forward six months, and Colon is now a free agent who doesn't know if he will be returning to Winnipeg or venturing elsewhere.

"This whole situation has just been completely strange to me," Colon said yesterday from Virginia.

The Calgary Stampeders offered a contract to Colon on Thursday, and the Saskatchewan Roughriders are also interested, but the two-year CFL veteran is still waiting to hear something -- anything -- from the Bombers.

Colon said Taman's offer in September was "low," but he figured the team would meet him in the middle after his agent responded with a counter-offer.

That didn't happen, and now he is free to join any team he wants.

When his agent sent the Calgary and Winnipeg offers to him on Thursday, Colon said the Bombers' offer had changed only slightly.

"Barely any difference," Colon said. "Could barely even tell."

It sounds like he won't be getting another proposal any time soon.

"He has our offer," Taman wrote in an e-mail yesterday.

Colon, a non-import who was plagued by injuries last season, isn't bitter about the situation. In fact, it sounds like it won't take much more for him to return.

"I was really looking forward to being back in Winnipeg," he said, "and the chances are that we can probably still get something going there."

Now that offensive lineman Bobby Singh has re-signed with the B.C. Lions, Saskatchewan Roughriders receiver Elijah Thurmon is arguably the biggest name left on the CFL free-agent market.

So, are the Winnipeg Blue Bombers about to make one last thrust into free agency for a 1,000-yard receiver who is believed to be asking for more than $100,000 a season?

"Nope," was Bomber GM Brendan Taman's e-mail response yesterday when asked if Winnipeg was going to give more consideration to pursuing Thurmon.

Meanwhile, one free-agent receiver the Bombers are likely to land is one of their own: non-import Gilles Colon.

Colon, who is also being pursued by the Calgary Stampeders, wasn't happy with Winnipeg's offer back in September, and he still wanted more when Taman gave him new numbers last month.

However, the chatter between Colon's agent and the Bombers has picked up substantially in the last week, and it appears they are on pace for a new deal.

"I think something's going to happen soon," Colon said yesterday from his home in Virginia.

When asked if that is likely to include the colours of blue and gold, Colon said, "I hope so. We will see."

I for one hope Taman can get Colon re-signed, he has a lot of potential and just might be a big surprise in our receiving core this season.

.. I hope the chatter...turns into full negotiations and a signed deal.....I really like this Colon kid..... he most likely will end up a better player than Thurmon... given the chance....However I feel.... he needs to stay healthy and have a full successful year under his belt to ask for more dough....he should get a better contract this year.. but maybe not what he's asking. ........After Gilles proves himself... he can a nice chunk...It's hard to justify a big contract...when all he shows you is potential....Bombers would be wise to sign him though.....with an incentive type deal... :wink:

the stamps like him too papa........first they grabbed up Darnell now their after Gilles......if red thinks Taman cant find talent, what does that say about Barker scooping up our castoffs.......gotcha red.....haha

...ha ha got you there....Taman can find talent....he scooped Jon Ryan in the draft....granted he no longer plays for us (for now)...but I don't think anyone would say that Ryan is not talented.. :wink:

Not to but in, but Taman also brought in guys like, Mike Sellers, Eric Wilson, even Arlain Bruce I beleive. All these guys went from Blue and Gold to NFL. Sure Bruce came back and Taman blew resigning him but negotiations is another thing. Give him a break he don't have the deep pockets like other teams. Read what Wally was saying about signing singh. He admits that BC will be spending heavy cash this year to sucure top guys to long term deals. Paying them heavily this season and less over the next few once the inforced cap kicks in 07. Bull Shit if you ask me.

I have heard some rumbling that we may yet see Wilson back in the blue & well as a receiver out of the broncos org. Madise I believe....I dont think Taman is done wheeling and dealing yet.......still what 9 wks until tc kicks off......he usually likes to make a trade around the start of camp, and always seems to find a diamond in the rough, ala canada, walls.....I asked Als fans about the availability of Almondo Curry but there was no nibbles on that line yet......