Collusion only answer to stop western crossover

Here's goes my "classiest" reputation right out the window:
Think about it.
All Montreal, Hamilton, and Toronto have to do to ensure that a western team doesn't make it to the Eastern playoffs with the potentially embarassing scenario of a west team representing the East in the Grey Cup is to get together and do a bit of creative thinking, if you know what I mean.
Figure it out, Ottawa is playing T.O. once, Montreal once and Hamilton twice.

Too bad Hughie Campbell wasn't in the East.

I love these dastardly deals. :twisted:
I know, it could never happen. :wink:

...I must now go to church to confess....

Naw, Hughie is going to tank his Eskimos and represent the East in the Grey Cup....Marty York says so, so it must be true!

It's Really Not A Big Deal. 2003 And 2004 Both Had Crossover Teams And Neither One Got Past The First Round And They Never Will. This Year It's Looking As If There's A Crossover The Team Will Be Playing In Montreal. The Hardest Game To Win In The CFL Is A Game Against Montreal In Olympic Stadium.

After watching Toronto play the last 2 weeks.I sure wouldn't say we have first rapped up yet.Don't forget how good Montreal really is.

I was thing about this last night wondering how maybe westerners would cry fowl if Ottawa had won last night and tne went on a winning streak and made the playoffs.

Another reason to get rid of the crossover.

I owuldn't say that the crossover team will never make it past the first round. I Thik if any year there is a chance for the crossover team to make it to the east finals it is this one.
Never say never

i agree with u billy!

i agree with u billy!

We heard you the first time :smiley:

sry guys guess i accidentaly clicked it twice

I was just teasing you :wink:

excellent point. :smiley:

montreal would be WISE to lose to ottawa ( only if ottawa has already beaten hamilton 2ice to move to 7-9 ), thus ensureing a playoff date against ottawa, and not saskatchwen.....easier playoff win!

but if ottawa loses either of thier next 2 agianst hamilton, then theres no point to throwing a game to ottawa, as it wouldnt get the Gades in the playoffs anyways.

Drumming that scenarion only works if Sask and Calgary only win one more game. There is a lot more factors then just ottawa winnning. And who says that mtl will have to play Sask. My bets are on Calgary, but I am biased

Montreal is still in the running for first place and would not jeopardise that to keep a western team out

if u look at sask schedule, it is VERY possible that they don't win a game for the rest of the season...therefore, ottawa needs the 2 against hamilton PLUS one against either toronto or montreal to ensure a spot in the playoffs

calgary has 7 wins and will likely get 2 more wins - one against hamilton and one against thier taking western 3rd spot.

Hey, Cal already beat Montreal at home once this year.. we could do it again.

not without BURRIS…lol

calgary will lose to montreal 7-7
will beat hamilton 8-7
will beat saskatchewn 9-7
will beat winnipeg 10-7
lose to Edmonton 10-8

will take 3rd in west and is a HUGE improvement on last year, and will do EVEN BETTER next year

Sask will lose to BC 7-7
will lose to montreal 7-8
will lose to edmonton 7-9
lose to calgary 7-10
lose to BC 7-11

Ottawa will beat hamilton 6-9
beat hamilton 7-9
lose to montreal 7-10
lose to toronto 7-11

therefor, ottawa and sask will be TIED 7-11 and ottawa will make the playoffs ( only to be crushed by montreal )

I disagree almost completely with your predictions about the riders, but you are entitled to your opinion.
Sask will beat BC 1 of 2, I think on Saturday actually
Sask will beat Mtl
lose to edm
beat cal

Sask 10-8 and since they beat Cal, calgary 9-9

Ottawa will only beat hamilton and even that is questionable.
I have VERY little doubt about a playoff birth for my Riders.

In fact, Montreal is closer to first place than people seem to think. All the Als need to do is keep the pace with Toronto (win as many games as they do) and beat Toronto when they meet.

It’s easier said than done, but it shows how possible it is.