Collier cut! (Montford???)

Although nothing has been officialy released in print yet, and its 12:42 MT right now... I have heard from "beerfish" at that...

Khari Jones
Mark Shantz
Greg Longchamps
Andrew Brown
Dwayne Mundle
D'Anthony Batiste
Brent Hafford
Nicolas Basillion

and the shocker... Anthony Collier.

have been cut from the eskimos

Cutting Collier really surprises me. Could this be the early hints at the return of montford in green and gold? I sure hope so!

.....Montford was cut for payroll issues, if the EE go calling for him now he's going to demand a king's ransom.....rumour was he wasn't entertaining any offers during PS in case someone went down to injuries thereby making his price tag increase....

I'm shocked you guys cut Collier. I was so disappointed that my Als didn't get him in the dispersal draft. Maybe we can snap him up! The guy was a sack machine last year.

yah sometimes Esks will cut or sign or decline to sign a player that you just go "wow...really??" They seem to march to their own drummer thats for sure.