Collier and Cox Released

Just got a TiCats press release stating Anthony Collier and Renard Cox have been cut.

While I admit I haven't really paid attention to how Cox has been doing since Training Camp, I really thought Collier was having a decent year. I know Collier gave the Als fits earlier this year.

Anybody know if these cuts have to do more with attitude than ability?

From what i hear it is just him not practicing like he should and complaining about an injury. They are having the new guy start and Hodges back up, and i also hear they are putting Hodges in at D Tackle too to compete with the other new guy...West...and then next week they are going to bring in another new guy.

And another and another and… :lol:

But who are we talking about here Cox or Collier. The CFLPA should be looking into this if Marcel cut an injured player.

I don’t think they will find too many impact players at this time of year. The NFL have them all in camp. September 1st or the cut downs there about is the time to find a few diamonds in the rough.